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Dis­cover a full range of Prana Vinyasa events through­out Aus­tralia, Asia and Europe.
Daily yoga, med­i­ta­tion, road trips, tem­ple vis­its, amaz­ing food, mas­sages and more!
Yoga Trance Dance
Yoga and dance are two of the old­est paths back home.
Dela­may Devi Yoga DVD’s, dis­count codes for jew­ellery, cloth­ing and more!
Con­tem­pla­tions, reflec­tions and gen­eral mus­ings from Dela­may Devi.

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Assist­ing Shiva + the tribe!

asisting the tribe greeceDela­may is look­ing for­ward to serv­ing the Prana Flow tribe dur­ing a full 200hour immer­sion in Del­phi and San­torini. Liv­ing, breath­ing and mov­ing as one… For full details www​.shiv​area​.com

7 — 29 June
Del­phi /​San­torini, Greece

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This is for the people

delamay devi this is for the peopleIs it me, or is the world just burst­ing with more and more awe­some peo­ple? With­out the peo­ple I could not do what I do. With­out the peo­ple my com­mu­nity would cease to exist.

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