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Prana Vinyasa Workshops, Brighton UK
12 June
Flying Into Vasistasana, Haywards Heath UK 18 June
Solstice Sadhana, The Yoga Garden, UK
29 June
Refine Your Art #3, Webinar Online
29 June
Lasya Tandava Vinyasa, London UK
3 July

Goddess Collection

Devi Designs Goddess Collection

Del­i­cate and light-​weight Saraswati inspired pea­cock feath­er ear­rings are great for every­day use and can be dressed up and dressed down with ease!

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Refine Your Art 4

Join Dela­may online for this FREE yoga men­tor­ship webi­nar ded­i­cated to Refining Your Art for 2016! Next webinar 28 July. Register now!

2015 DVD

2015 Delamay Devi Yoga DVD

7 practices for your inner rhythm including a backbending sadhana. Flow­ing yoga sequences and move­ment med­i­cine to enrich your being!

Next Event

Laysa Tandava Vinyasa!

evolve wellness centerLasya represents the softer aspects such as the exhalation and restorative poses. Tandava represents the more dynamic aspects such as the inhalation and arm balances. This Prana Flow workshop is suitable for all levels!

3 July
London, UK

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What It Means To Refine Your Art...

delamay devi refine your artI believe we are all here for a reason and whatever that reason is needs to be experienced in order to feel a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. I call this concept working with our dharma. Your dharma is what you were born to do...