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Pop Up Yoga, Byron Bay Aust
15 - 17 April
Yoga Chant Dance Retreat, Byron Bay Aust
19 - 21 April
Bhinneka Yoga Festival, Indonesia
23 - 24 April
Refine Your Art Webinar, Online
30 April
Mentorship Program Anniversary!
1 - 31 May

Goddess Collection

Devi Designs Goddess Collection

Del­i­cate and light-​weight Saraswati inspired pea­cock feath­er ear­rings are great for every­day use and can be dressed up and dressed down with ease!

Free Webinars

refine your art webinar

Join Dela­may online for this FREE yoga men­tor­ship webi­nar ded­i­cated to plant­ing your seed inten­tions for 2016! Next webinar 30 April. Register now!

2015 DVD

2015 Delamay Devi Yoga DVD

7 practices for your inner rhythm including a backbending sadhana. Flow­ing yoga sequences and move­ment med­i­cine to enrich your being!

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Refine Your Art promoAs part of Delamay's Mentorship program she offers free webinars once a month dedicated to connecting you to the essence of Yoga. This months webinar includes a guided meditation, reflective writing and topics include holding space, language and communication, altar creation and more! Click the pic to register!

30 April

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