delamay_devi_byron_bayEach and every­day we have the oppor­tu­nity to begin again, each inhale and exhale is part of the renewal cycle of begin­ning again, just because we begin again does not mean we have given up or try­ing to find an eas­ier way. When we wipe the slate clean, get­ting ready to start anew is sim­i­lar to when an artist unrolls a fresh, clean piece of can­vas to cre­ate a new expres­sion of artis­tic work. So this is my new piece of can­vas, wel­come to my new web­site!

The whole process of cre­at­ing a new “look” for myself is a jour­ney of self-discov­ery and find­ing out how do I want to rep­re­sent myself in the world and how the world will per­ceive me by what I present. It is nat­ural for us to judge a book by its cover (or read the back page first in my case) but it is only when we ven­ture a lit­tle deeper and begin to turn the pages do we dis­cover the magic, which awaits inside.

Our Mulad­hara / base Chakra rep­re­sents our foun­da­tion, our roots, it is where our pri­mal instincts vibrate and when­ever we embark on a new jour­ney, cycle or adven­ture we need to ensure we are tuned in and turned on at the root.

Our Bali retreat is hap­pen­ing in a few weeks, which will kick off my nomadic life again after spend­ing two months in my hometown of Byron Bay, check­ing in with my foun­da­tion and recharg­ing my roots. Regard­less of where we were took our first breath when we came into the world in my expe­ri­ence every­one has a Mulad­hara home, a place where we feel our exter­nal and inter­nal worlds slow down, let go and we get to exhale a lit­tle deeper.

For me, I love mother nature in her raw­est and most purist form, from the blaz­ing of the suns rays to the crash­ing of waves on rocks to the light sprin­kle of rain. We have a vast amount of poten­tial inside of us and so many things make us whole and unique, I am ded­i­cat­ing this web­site to my own self expres­sion out into the world and I look for­ward to shar­ing the jour­ney with you.

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