delamay_blog_galloping_bySome say the quality of our breath equals the quality of our life.

So here I am at 5am, my breath is relaxed, my mind is relatively quiet and my body achy from my recent 18 hour flight from Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur. The quality of my life is relative to me and my experience as to what I know to be good quality but there is no compromise when it comes to the breath.

So far during this year of the Horse I have already visited 5 different countries, flown in 7 different aeroplanes and shared countless inhales and exhales with many. My location is constantly changing but my breath is right there with me.

I was recently interviewed for the Barcelona Yoga Conference blog and one question was, how is it to have this nomad life? Where do you find your peace and stability when moving around? Being predominately Vata (Air) constitution being grounded does not come easily but over time I have found ways to stay present and keep connected to the daily flow of life regardless of where I am.

I travel because I like to experience different community groups, cultures and languages and feel very fortunate to combine this with sharing my passion for yoga and movement. I find peace in nature, wide-open spaces, natural beauty, creativity, movement, stillness and sky gazing so if I have at least one of theses things I feel at home wherever I am.

This year is unfolding very beautifully with so many blossoming moments full of potential but I feel like I really need to hold on, without creating tension and checking in with the quality of my breath. Having spent 3 weeks in Bali recently I spent some time observing the culture and noticed the time, attention and commitment they have to making their daily offerings outside their homes and businesses. It seems in modern / western society we make our own offerings using social media, posting daily positive quotes on facebook and uploading inspiring photos on Instagram etc I guess this all contributes to our fast pace lifestyle.

So in amongst the daily offerings and trying to hold on as the year of the Horse gallops by, I am so grateful for the quality of my life, right here, right now and I hope you are finding time each day to realise how awesome life is right now, regardless of how you are reacting to it. Try and remember we have the power to manifest the type of Horse we ride!

Namaste xxx

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