delamay_devi_island_lifeIsland life is full of timeless moments of being barefoot, daily kayaking, chasing fish while snorkelling, watching beautiful sunsets, patiently waiting for slow cooked food, fresh juice, communing with nature, cols showers, falling asleep to the sounds of the waves, being woken at dawn my the local rooster, sharing a vacant beach with a local bird, endless open space to practice handstands and do cartwheels until my hearts content, falling in love again and again with the different shades of blue of the sea and of course this idea of nothing else in the world matters right now except making sure you place your food order for tonights’ dinner.

We think we need so much more then this but when we take time to unplug, the nervous system is relieved to have a break from the daily dose of stimulation. Instead of thinking about the next incoming email my mind turns to contemplate nature, with thoughts such as – what propels the waves to rise? And in reply I find myself answering, waves are the movements reflecting Oceanic Breathing.

The vastness of time stands still and for a moment it is easy to forget where on this majestic planet I am and how many days I have left until I depart. As the sun sets and the sky is bathed with radiant hues of reds, oranges and blues I am eternally grateful for this life, even if it does mean having sand in my bed after a long day at the beach.

Each moment is precious, and the potentiality of what we can create is awe-inspiring. Take a moment right now to tune in and check out what you truly desire and gift yourself that now.

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