delamay_AYL_sequences_smallI think people underestimate us yoga teachers. I can only share from my own experience of how much time, energy and focus I put into each of my classes, workshops and retreats. I can spend hours making play lists, planning classes, creating flyers, updating websites, sending out newsletters and the list goes on. The amount of time we spend in front of a computer is phenomenal, especially when the new moon is coming in a few days and I want to start spreading the word about my next event and there is still so much to do!

We are so good at “being busy” with the many projects happening inside the computer screen. I saw a facebook post a few years ago and it is still with me today. Stop The Glorification Of Busy. If this does not resonate with you then please spend 5 – 10 minutes meditating on this and i think you will start to understand the fullness of the saying.

Back in November I decided to embark on a project to submit a yoga sequence to a yoga magazine. In the beginning this seemed like a relatively easy project, take some pics, write instructions for each one and email it to them. Wait, not so fast! It wasn’t until February that I had finalised my submission and emailed it to them. I was so ecstatic to have finished this project, I had followed their guidelines with a fine-tooth comb to ensure it met their requests of capitalisation, grammar, quotations, keeping it under a certain amount of words etc.

Fast forward a few months to early June and I receive an email saying the sequence will be used in their next publication and it was going to print that week! Awesome! What I didn’t realise was they had made a lot of edits to my original description and apparently my pictures were not suitable so they used a model to replicate my photos. I had mixed feelings about this for a number of reasons but once again ecstatic to know all that hard work was going to bloom into its initial intention.

It was inspired by the Prana Flow® sequence Dancing Warrior 1008 created by my teacher Shiva Rea and this vinyasa is a variation of this sequence. Throughout this 8-month journey I have learnt a great deal about what it takes to be part of a publication and I am already planning a article for my next submission but not sure who i should submit it too.

When i begin a project I am fuelled with so much passion and desire to have it finished (like yesterday) but now I am really enjoying the creative unfolding process of being part of the projects birthing process. It brings me so much pleasure and immense happiness to share with you this sequence, to view and download the full sequence click the pic and it is yours, enjoy!

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