delamay_devi_yogic_principalsRecent events have got me questioning my own yogic principles and it all started from not listening to the voice of truth inside of me. When I know someone else is a yoga teacher I assume they have the same outlook, understanding and principles as me. I trust they are true to their word, their communication will be clear, they will be honest and if something happens they can accept they are wrong.

We all have egocentric minds and can be set in our ways but we don’t just practice yoga for a flexible body!

When I realised this other teachers principles were pretty opposite to my own, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck begin to stiffen and I began to judge them based on their actions which basically highlighted their principles which were different to mine.

Learning to not pass judgement is something I have been working with for years now but found it super easy to slide back into the drivers seat and judge away! This was totally frustrating! Not only had this situation unravelled years of non-judgment practice but it also ignited a spark of spitefulness inside of me. What was going on? So here I am, feeling very un-yogic, passing judgement on someone I barely know and feeling karma creeping up behind me ready to bite me in the ass. At the same time being totally conscious of what I had got myself into but no idea of how to get out!

Time to step away. Time to let go. Time to take off my hat and eat it but I didn’t like the taste because I knew deep down inside of me that this person was not acting in a fair and just way. So I took the path of least resistance and waited. I humbly gave space, I quietly withdrew my attention and re focused on other things that restored faith in my principles, myself and stopped feeding this spiteful egocentric mind field that was partying like it’s 1999.

A few days later something had shifted and I received some news that confirmed my initial feelings and my request granted with no hesitation, negativity or repetition of recent events or conversation. So what had happened? I have no idea and think it will remain a mystery.

Looking back on this I felt like it was a test of my own yogic principles and insight into how far I have come and of course proof that it doesn’t take much to tip the balance and my fire is fueled with judgemental bullets and spiteful ammunition.

Ultimately our life experiences shape our principles (yogic or not) and when we have the courage and strength to listen to our inner wisdom our journey becomes more abundant and self-empowering regardless of our character flaws, self-opinionated ideas and life experience.

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