delamay_devi_falling_in_loveFalling in love is vital for the soul, it is a magical moment for the spirit and floods the body with all kinds of “feel good” endorphins.

May be it is just my Libran nature to seek out the beauty in all things but after landing in Bali a couple of weeks ago I find myself falling in love more and more on a daily basis. From the big elaborate carvings to the little offerings of flowers, rice and fruit, which are placed in front of homes and businesses daily for good fortune, protection and good health.

Growing up in a very alternative part of the world Byron Bay, northern NSW, Australia beauty was always present from the ocean, the nature and the mountains. The energy of this place is very transient and powerful; people experience an acceleration of what needs to get done or what needs to be released in order to grow. There is a mountain close to Byron called Mt Wollumbin and it is the remains of a volcano, it has a energy you cant hide from! And Bali holds the similar vibration from the volcanic molt and rock that makes up a large mineral content of the soil, this volcanic material emits a powerful charge that connects you deeply to your inner calling.

There are different places on the earth that hold different vibrations and of course the people you meet while in those places have a profound effect on your opinion which leaves an imprint on your energetic body for years to come. I seem to be drawn to places that have a similar vibe, as it is where I feel most at home. These are places where I can relax, receive wisdom through experience and dreams and fill my cup again before venturing out into the world.

I have been guest teaching at the spa village in Tembok, north Bali and had a conversation last night with two incredible healers (a body worker from Mexico and a shaman from South Africa living in Taiwan) about what creates happiness and this idea of always searching outside of ourselves for material “things” to make us happy, when in fact all we need to do is shift our focus from what we think we need, to what we do have. This way we can actually change our vibration and have this ability to fall in love.

This idea of “falling” can be quite scary! Falling is often related to getting hurt from falling over or falling off or into something. When we fall in love, the love sensation catches us and bundles us up in a bubble of bliss and we feel uplifted, energised and renewed. So instead of falling in love, try the idea of surrendering to love. Sending out daily doses of gratitude also helps this process; gratitude keeps us in the present moment because we are being grateful for what is present, right here, right now. This increases our vibration of acceptance for what is and this then leads to falling in love or we trust the process of life to surrender and trust all will be taken care of.

I love the words from a song called Your Own Kind Of Beautiful by Stooshe: “Shut up and don’t keep putting yourself down. Stand up and find your spot light in the crowd. You’re a super star exactly how you are, you don’t have to try so hard. Speak up, remember you can have it all. Just be your own kind of beautiful.” To listen to the full song visit
The words to this song have been going around and around in my mind for days now like a mantra, imprinting the meaning into my cells and transforming negative thought patterns.

You are your own kind of beautiful, give yourself permission to surrender to love daily and be grateful for the absolute magnificence you manifested in this life!

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