unraveling_the_knotsOur bodies, just like our minds get caught up in all kinds of knots. Knots in our bodies are generally manifested in the shape and form of tension and emotions like insecurities, unhealthy patterns and unhealthy routines. I really notice this during my own yoga practice – when I begin to stretch and massage my body through movement and asana practice not only does my body relax and open but so does my mind. There is a beautiful unravelling and a release which happens on many levels. I notice space has been created between my thoughts, my mind actually begins to shift into a lower gear and I consciously connect to that timeless space which comes from being present.

Some knots are more stubborn than others but just like our insecurities they need a little more love and attention. More massage oil perhaps? More self-love affirmations maybe? Or it could just be that we need to be more attentive to ourselves as a whole.

There is also a possibility we could be attached to our knots or even unconsciously attached to our insecurities. We can get used to the idea of our lower back being sore, our shoulders feeling like lead and our hamstrings being tight. Can you imagine being totally free of these knots? The liberation and ease we would feel in our body would be truly amazing and we would have so much more time and energy to dedicate to creating the type of life we want!

One of the many dictionary definitions of being insecure is ‘a feeling of uncertainty, a lack of confidence or anxiety about yourself.’ Being a long time dancer and yoga practitioner this gives me inspiration to work with. If my knots were related to my insecurities then surely if I focus on letting go of these insecurities does this means that the knots in my body would also release?

Making the mind body connection is challenging, especially when we are so bombarded with visual stimulation from the media and pre-conceived ideas about how things should look or be, when in actual fact being individuals we do not all fit into the same round hole or square box. What works for me may not necessarily work for you. Like I mentioned in my recent Elephant Journal article on Non-attachment, ‘remember to check in with yourself regularly and when you do, be honest. Does the life you are living still serve your spirit, recharge your soul and set your heart on fire?’

To live a life full of inspiration, magical moments and abundance we need to continuously check in with these knots, trace their pathways back to the point of origin and re-write our agreement with them in order for them to unravel so we can once again connect with our authenticity. In return our bodies become more of a temple rather than a vehicle that requires the occasional prod and poke to see if it is still breathing.

We cannot expect something out of nothing, we need to put in the work daily. Pull out the weeds, trim the edges and apply the right type of fertiliser and from this well nourished and rich soil we can grow without the energy of expectation and tension in the body.

Sometimes we need to reconnect to our inner child for extra help to dig deeper into this tension or insecurity and this is when the medicine of dancing, laughing and being silly can help. Take a few minutes for yourself as you inhale deeply and exhale through the mouth while sticking out your tongue making the sound of a whale, repeat as many times as needed until your cheeks hurt from smiling and your eyes are sparkling like the milky way.

Come back to this technique as and when needed, prescribe yourself this type of gift any time you feel al hint of tension or a knot beginning to form and enjoy living a foot loose and fancy-free existence!

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