social_media_musingI am not from the selfie generation – I am from the generation before this. We had digital cameras that we would hold in front of us, facing the lens, take a rough aim and click the button. Then with excitement and anticipation we turned the camera around to see if we actually were in the shot and not just the tops hair on our heads! We didn’t call it a selfie, actually I don’t think it had a name it was just a ‘thing’ we did when no one else around could take our photo and we wanted to capture that particular moment.

Yes, I am signed up to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube and Instagram, but I find it takes up a lot of time updating, posting, responding and engaging each and everyday. Sure I could hire someone but right now I prefer to indulge the slightly nerdy side of myself.

I like the idea of networking and connecting with different communities on a global scale and as I travel and teach yoga it does work in my favour to keep in touch and let everyone know what is happening next.

Up until a few months ago I was not interested in participating in any instagram competitions. In the past I have hosted a few for fun and promotion of events etc but I am really not drawn to posting daily pics of myself in a yoga pose for my followers to like or comment. I just don’t see the point. My yoga practice is sacred to me but saying this from time to time I will film a sequence which I have been going over on my own and offer this up as inspiration. On the rare occasion I may post an asana selfie if / when I have finally embodied a pose I have been working on as a celebratory moment or if the location / view / surroundings speaks to me. But other than this I am not that into the selfie craze.

This morning when scanning through my social media accounts I found out I had won an Instagram competition! I couldn’t believe it! Recently I was inspired to take a pic while doing a handstand while at the Pass Beach look out in Byron and it just so happened I was wearing a Divine Goddess top so wanting to support this local company’s competition I included the hash tag to be included in their offering. I had no expectations or thoughts about the possibilities of winning.

So, today I am feeling grateful for this generation of selflies, social media and smart phones, without them I would not have a shopping spree coming up in the Divine Goddess Shop!

Its funny, when life goes in our favour it is easy to change our thought pattern and mind about it. My relationship to social media changes on a daily basis and ideally there is no inner tension towards it. I can be a serial self-stalker to see how many hits my latest elephant journal publication has but I am tackling one social media relationship at a time!

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