keeping_new_year_resolutionsWe all love to reinvent ourselves and being the new year I am sure this is top priority in many peoples minds. The idea of doing a detox, getting rid of the unwanted stuff that is taking up space and beginning to take a step towards a more wholesome and healthy self all sound great! But how do we keep motivated and on track to achieve and live out theses resolutions and goals we set ourselves?

Here are three ways I find helpful…

1. Keep them simple
When creating these resolutions keep them simple and most of all achievable. The resolution can be broken down into sizeable chunks which means they can be monitored and tracked. For example if you are wanting to lose 5kg then may be start with 1.5kg then 2kg and finally 1.5kg and before you realise it your initial resolution has been reached! Keeping things simple is the best way to avoid being overwhelmed and giving up.

2. Be realistic from the beginning
If we create resolutions which are a little over zealous we set ourselves up for disappointment and it is easier to feel discouraged. Instead of aiming for the million dollar bank balance straight out try for a few hundred first then increase it a little every few weeks or months. Try having a certain percentage which you put into your savings account each month and if there is any extra increase the percentage. If times are tough then make your budget / savings to suit your needs. Ultimately be flexible with the steps you take when on the path to the resolution, remember you have created this resolution which means you can change the rules and guidelines at any time.

3.  Re remembering them
Life gets busy and it is easy to forget what we are aiming for or wanting to create. When manifesting anything we need to remind our selfs daily of what this is, sounds crazy right? But if you have a few kids, a full time job and a endless list of things to do we need to take every opportunity we have to check in and remember these things we are working towards. I would suggest to write them down or create a vision board and stick it on a wall in your bathroom, closet, fridge or any place which you look at or go to regularly. This way we are reminded and re affirm consciously and unconsciously to ourselves what the resolutions and goals are that we have set for ourselves.

The great thing about new year resolutions is we get to decide what we want and go for it! It seems to be the only time of year that we get to be selfish and decide to better ourselves. From quitting smoking to losing weight to wanting to travel all these resolutions are possible we just need to do the work, keep focused, stay positive and believe in ourselves.

Wishing you all the best for 2015 as we continue this incredible journey around the sun. May your dreams become your resolutions and your resolutions become your reality.

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