A reflection… We dance, move, explore, express, twist and morph our bodies in, out and through all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes and forms.

Stretching and moving in bed before getting up in the morning, letting out a deep sigh of satisfaction as we become acquainted with this body once again. Do we go further and unroll a yoga mat, or go for a run or move into some form of martial arts to unravel the events of the day or night before. What is your form of movement medicine? What do you prescribe to yourself daily to get your blood flowing, your heart pumping and the sweat beads to drip off your nose?

May be you are wheel chair bound so someone else moves you or perhaps the movement of your eyes is all you can do for yourself. If you are breathing you can move, even tiny micro movements visualised by the mind is a start and the medicine of movement has began.

“We love beats that move faster than we can think, beats that drive us ever deeper inside, that rock our worlds, break down walls and make us sweat our prayers. Prayer is moving. Prayer is offering our bones back to the dance.” Gabrielle Roth

We are so blessed to have many movement forms available to us such as 5 rhythms, ecstatic dance, chakra dance, yoga trance dance, bio danza and kundalini dance to name just a few. How do you express your movement potential and why do you do this?

Movement = blood flow, circulation, embodiment, a connection to feelings and sensations as we invite in deep breaths to continue to feed our physical body with prana, chi or life force energy.

Motionless = being stuck, rigidity, feeling disconnected, living from the neck up, shallow breathing and living an unconscious existence.

There is a time to move and a time to be still. Of course we can connect to ourselves consciously, breathe deeper and increase circulation while being still in meditation (for example) but what I am reflecting upon here in this post is when we are unconsciously in stillness; working on the computer or slouching on the couch scrolling through our social media feed, this is not supporting our physical existence at all.

One of my first aha moments I remember while studying with teacher Shiva Rea was, at a cellular level we are forever changing, moving and undulating within the flow of daily life. Ultimately we are organic beings who were born with the capacity to express, create shapes or postures with our bodies and reach outside our potential of who we think we are when we follow the different pathways of movement. This of course can be expressed and experienced not just with yoga but also through any form of physical movement, which has a structure or not.

I am guessing you are seated right now, do you know how long you have been in that position? Check out my simple seated yoga flow video with voice over instructions for a little movement medicine help ease your neck, shoulders and spine.

A few years ago I taught at the Earth Frequency 10th anniversary festival, which was 4 days of camping, music, workshops and performances all outside in nature. I was blown away by how easy it was to unplug from technology and plug into nature to recharge, to connect to the cycle of the day and to tune into the bodies natural rhythm. One of my all time favorite past times is, to witness peoples movement capacity and seeing how a simple bounce in the knees can turn into a dynamic jumping expression of pure ecstatic bliss with a simple change of beat in the music – and that festival was perfect for people watching!

Movement is medicine and we need to move now more then ever! Why not join our Movement Medicine retreat in Bali and go deeper into the philosophy, methodology and somatic awareness of your Movement journey?

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