With the full moon lighting up the skies I am drawn to a time to when my friends and I would spend hours creating our outfits for a night of dancing and watching the sunrise the following morning and starting off the new day with a swim in the ocean watching everything come to life. The title of my last blog post was Movement as medicine, which has inspired me to write this one. I would like to think I am learning more and more each day; to dance with change, to move effortlessly through the ups and downs of life, to surrender more, to trust that I am on the right path, and that acknowledgement will be given where it is due and of course that I am aligned with my highest purpose.

I love the saying ‘some dance in the rain while others just get wet’. To me this can be related to all aspects of existence, from chaotic moments of delayed flights and missed trains to moments of being completely blissed out and in awe of nature. In what capacity are you able to dance when chaos looms and Ganesh is sitting on the obstacles in your way instead of removing them?

We all have different ways of dealing with stressful situations and when our adrenalin kicks in it sometimes feels impossible to think light, loving thoughts and laugh at the fact that we have absolutely no idea how we got to where we are in the first place and it feels as though the only way out is to dig a hole and bury yourself in it for eternity.

This is what I mean by living from the neck up. We get so wrapped up in what the mind is saying or what the ego has created to stop us from fully stepping into our power or from moving forward, we forget that our body is also affected by this sensation of fear and lack of confidence or positivity and we forget to breath deeply and move, even just a little. I am a huge fan of neck rolls and circling my torso when times get tough. Of course I have many moments of freaking out, forgetting about my ability to dance and want to run far away from that person or situation but the moment I connect to my feet, release my chin to my chest to roll my head from side to side and relax my belly to sway and move my spine the haze begins to lift and ahhh of course I can deal with this.

For the past six years I have chosen to embrace a nomadic lifestyle of no fixed abode and following the sun offering yoga. Have a read of my Elephant Journal article about non attachment to see how it’s done. Following the sun doesn’t necessarily mean 365 days of sunshine each year for the past 6 years, it means I have experienced all kinds of summers which includes monsoon rains in Malaysia, cyclones in Australia, extreme humidity in Bali and some of the hottest days on record for England – which was only about 33 degrees Celsius but for an English summer this was exceptional!

When a cyclone hits does Mother Nature run away? No, she remains present with whatever comes her way and she does the best she can with the rising waters, uprooted trees and the unpredictability of it all. She dances in the rain and takes it all in her stride to see it through to calmer days.

So when times get tough and Ganesh doesn’t seem to be answering your prayers of an obstacle free path, stay present, root down into your feet, dig out your favourite flares, sprinkle on some glitter and dance the night away! The more we can let go of expectations the more fun we can have. Then when you revisit the challenge you will be in a space of clarity and be fully grounded in yourself to make the right choice.

Good luck and keep dancing!

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