Whatever you do with your life, do it with full integrity and meaning beyond comprehension. Dig deep into your self, meditate and see what is vibrating beneath the surface of your being. Create your daily flow to serve not only your greater good but those around you who will benefit from your heart felt offering to the world. When spending time with friends, look them in the eyes, act with sincerity, stay true to your authenticity and know from this place the dots will connect and a web of awe inspiring intergalactic beings is created.

Dig deep daily, continue to check in every moment, breathe into your belly, feel your feet on the earth and be grateful for the sun on your skin. Do the work, trust the unfolding of life even if it feels like the ground has swallowed you up and there is no way out. These are the times when we can re fertilise our soil,  reevaluate what is true, what is still serving us and know when it is time to let go.

We all think we need more money, time and motivation to push on through to spread our light out into the world. When the world is ready for our light to shine, it will be brighter then ever before. We need to stop the struggle of swimming up stream and going against the grain of what is available to us now. As Nelson Mandela says “We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”.

Know that you are not the only one. What you don’t see is the struggles and hardship of others, we so easily project and paint a happy, joyous and abundant picture of ourselves out into the world but it can be behind the veil of illusion where the magic of digging deep lies. Stirring up that which makes us cringe can be ugly but just like the goddess Kali, at first impression she is fierce and full of fire, wearing her necklace of skulls with blood dripping from her fangs. Once you gather up enough courage to stand in your power, look her directly in the eyes you become overwhelmed with the beauty and sincerity which radiates back at you.

Please use this idea of digging deep as a metaphor in daily life. Just like crossing the road, we look both ways before stepping out to venture across, take a breathe before you react, check in to feel if this is serving your highest purpose and most of all surround yourself with like minded supportive and inspiring beings who do not shy away from looking at their own “shit” every now and then.

Dig deep, unravel the complexity of your mind and make a promise to live in alignment with co creating heaven on earth in your community.

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