A spark of an idea comes to life, like the beginning of a raging fire, a gust of wind comes and fuels the seed and turns it into a flame. As new ideas are birthed the flame grows taller and expands wider, engulfing everything in its path, transforming, changing and liberating how we see and experience the world. And how the world sees and experiences us.

I have always wondered where ideas come from. What created that idea out of nothing and where does it go when the idea is not executed. Like fine particles of dust they can gather together to make small seedlings of desire or start to stick together and make little pockets of ideas that sit just below the surface of our minds waiting for us to discover and open them.

In any one day I can dream up and create more ideas than I can remember. Inspiration comes in many forms and can vanish in an instant. I often find myself minding my own business walking down the street, waiting to board a flight or even in the midst of teaching a class when an idea comes, this flash of inspiration, of “Yes, that’s it, my goodness, why didn’t I think of that before!” Like in the cliché sense a light bulb switching on or the skies opening on a cloudy day and the sunrays beam on through, shedding light. During these moments I have to act, write it down so I don’t forget and make the commitment to bring it to life.

We like to think we are different or individuals but the more I have travelled throughout the years I see the same things being done but just in different forms of expression. Just like the 100 monkeys effect, on two different islands miles apart there are two different groups of monkeys, one monkey on one island discovered how to break open a coconut by hitting it on a rock then days later the monkeys on the other island started to do the same without actually seeing the monkeys on the other island do so. Now, I am not comparing us to monkeys but it makes me wonder if it is a reflection of how interconnected we all are. Do we share the same gust of wind that carries these ideas and waves of inspiration? Or are we just more psychically connected than we actually realise?

I don’t have the answers but I do know that when inspiration comes knocking I don’t ignore it, I can’t. When it comes, I do what I can to listen, to remember and to act accordingly. These moments for me are like moments of clarity, I see the bigger picture mapped out and the pathways of how to make it happen are illuminated.

I would love to hear about your journey with inspiration and how do you continue to kindle this fire. Feel free to comment below and if you do not get inspired so easily then I would suggest to start writing down your ideas, however big or small, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you begin to acknowledge these moments of clarity and visions which have come to you from wherever for whatever reason. Create for yourself an inspiration diary dedicated to mapping out your inspirations similar to a dream diary. Write in it daily and begin too massage and pamper your creative endeavours encouraging them to take root and rise. Just like a lotus flower that is able to draw nourishment from the murky dark waters the potential for that beauty lies hidden deep within the core of the seed long before it’s unfolding.

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