Is it me, or is the world just bursting with more and more awesome people? Without the people I could not do what I do. Without the people my community would cease to exist. Without the people life would be a solo journey moment to moment, in my own flow.

I just finished holding space for 7 incredible souls on retreat on the southern coast of Turkey. Retreats are always a risk, you never know who will turn up and if they will get along with each other. Living and breathing a yoga practice twice daily and eating together can be intense especially if there are clashes in personalities or if expectations are not met. This past week I felt like I was living in a dream, it felt like coming home to a very functional family who were all so authentic, real and joyous. It was the most diverse and eclectic group of people I have ever had the pleasure of sharing time with. We came together as strangers and left as familiars; we shared the language of movement and did our best to make peace with our minds. Sharing a practice within a group for a concentrated amount of time is potent and to be the river guide on this journey is a total and absolute pleasure, my heart is over flowing with high-grade gratitude.

Everyone left yesterday but I know without a doubt I will be seeing them again, soon and I can’t wait. Whatever caused all of us to converge on this little seaside town for a week must have been divine intervention. The timeless space share can never be repeated. As soon as we rolled out our mats in the morning and evening it felt like we were there to do the work with the ancient ones. The synchronicity, ease and grace of each namaskar was transformational. We were working with a different chakra each day, which meant a different mudra, mantra and meditation to enhance the quality of the relationship between the mind, body and this energy centre. The abilities in each body was different, with tweaked knees to replaced hips and tight hamstrings and shoulders each expression of the flow was unique but connected to and came from the same source.

This is what yoga is to me, this is why I do what I do and this what feels right. My intention is to create a space for personal empowerment through breath initiated movement for others to connect to their true essence and shine. To shine your light out into the world with no fear, no apprehension and no residue of self doubt. This is my wish for you.

May be it was the clarity of the sea or the boat trip to the sunken city or Mercury in retrograde which connected us, who knows but whatever it was it knew that we all had to breathe, meditate, move and plant our seed intentions together during this week under the Turkish sun. We were blessed by the new moon rising in the sky while we were creating some deep medicinal spirit nectar infused with cinnamon tea and jasmine flowers.

As I sit here gazing up at the half moon hanging lightly in the sky my breath deepens and I look around at the unfamiliar faces staring back at me and I hear the mantra of So Ham, I am that I am. We are what we are and I feel incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with you.

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