My very first 5 rhythms teacher used to say, “Follow your feet” which has so much beauty in its simplicity. Our feet are our foundation from which everything else rises. When teaching yoga I need to go one step further and actually find, recognise and become one with my feet. This has the ability to help me make informed decisions and to walk through life with total awareness of what is happening above, below and to the left and right of us and of course the spaces in between.

I have followed my feet through some pretty amazing and freaky places. From meditating at sunset with my teacher on a caldera in Greece to walking through the not so safe favelas in Brazil. But, what happens when we find our feet instead of just following them? This is extraordinary. The journey becomes more embodied instead of just an “experience”. When I connect to my feet I feel who I am in that moment. I am connected to my sense of purpose, my Dharma and my intention for being there in that moment. I have an inner knowing that all is perfect – not in a new age way but in a grounded and totally present way which can only be described as embodied truth.

There are so many self help books, all offering a range of different outcomes from how to love and accept yourself, how to attract more abundance, a better relationship and the list goes on, but ultimately if we are not in tune with our own inner rhythm then these books are useless and can potentially do more harm then good especially if you are constantly searching outside of yourself. All the solutions are inside of us and only when we are ready and ripe will they be revealed. We all need extra help and guidance from time to time but when we become reliant upon a certain way or belief system this is when it can hinder our growth instead of support.

Being predominately Vata dosha in Ayurveda or an Air sign in western astrology I spend a lot of time ungrounded, outside of myself and off with the fairies which isn’t a bad thing but when it comes to teaching and being present with my students I need to find my feet. I need that earth connection and that stability that comes from standing on my own two feet and to move from a place inside of myself with ease and embodied truth. This may sound like a strange concept but trust me, when you have the ability to get lost in your thoughts and are distracted at every colourful flower you see it is easy to realise how much time is spent in your head and not the present moment.

So how do we stay connected? Since this is a personal journey I would suggest experimenting with what works best for you. Incorporate a daily grounding meditation practice that involves intending your energy to extend from the soles of your feet down through the earth’s core like the roots of a tree. Feel and become one with this sensation and be energised and alert from this experience. Or may be go for a run or a brisk walk to get your blood flowing and energy moving, this way you are connected to the physical experience and relationship to the earth. You can chant mantras, sing your favourite songs or have a daily routine of self-massage.

There are many ways to find your feet, feel free to post your ideas and experiences below.

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