I have been spending many moments reflecting about the choices I have made in the past, which have resulted in where I am today and realised that without my freewill and choice to choose this path, my life would be a completely different story. Obviously, but have you every really thought this through?

This is what came to me… We choose every day how we will experience and live out any given moment. The choices we make have repercussions that ripple out through our pathways of life, mapping and carving out our destiny. We have the power to be in control of how we embrace our destiny, or not!

We choose daily to be happy or not. We choose to express our egoist tendencies through aggressive responses or with gratitude as we bow to the humble nature of existence. We choose to be wild and carefree, to run barefoot on the sand, to watch the sunsets, sunrises and the clouds creating animal shapes in the sky. We choose to swim naked in a rainstorm and to drive at night with the windows open singing out loud to your favourite song. We choose to smile at strangers, to hug children and to pay attention to animals. We choose to turn off all the electricity and live by candlelight, we choose to love and accept each other unconditionally regardless of the challenges and lessons we learn along the way. We choose to take on other people’s drama, we chose to be resentful, negative towards others and to refuse to see the other side of the story. There are so many choices we make but are you actually aware of this power of choice?

The practice of gratitude is easy but also easy to overlook as its too easy. I am serious! How many times a day do you consciously choose to stop, reflect and be grateful? How many days have you woken up and before rolling over to get up do you send gratitude out into the world to bless your experience of the day before it even begins? Minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day we go through an endless cycle of choices.

Think about it and consider the following… Are the choices you make healthy for you? Do they serve your highest existence? Are the choices you make answering your hearts calling? Are they contributing to the good of humanity? And even question yourself – am I inspiring and empowering others?

The idea of choice is so automatic; sometimes there is no space between considering your options and the choice you make. Following the patterns of your character is not a flaw; it is something we have done since time began.

Anything, which is a part of us, can be changed, we can change our relationship to how we react, then the experience of this event changes. Think about it. You chose to keep reading this post up to this moment and how it affects your freewill and choice is up to you.

So the next time you are at cross roads and not sure which choice to make, stop for a few moments, connect deeply to your inner resonance, be grateful for this space and look within to see what choice your heart would choose.

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