Waking at the crack of dawn, eager to see the moon set behind the mountains as the sun rises for a new day. After a very overcast and stormy night here in Ibiza the moon was still hidden behind a thick layer of cloud. It blessed us with its illumination for about two precious minutes around midnight then it was engulfed by the clouds again.

During this potent time of a blue moon month I was feeling this internal heightened awareness of all the amazing things to come – is this women’s intuition or my ego wanting and willing all of these things to happen? I find it amazing how well we convince ourselves of our own successes regardless of the outcome, I am constantly finding myself in a state of positive possibilities.

I unrolled my mat this morning eager to practice with this potent blue full moon energy. Even though I had a tiny glimpse of her last night I could still feel her luminosity vibrating upon the earth, charging my cells and inspiring these words to flow. My practice was fluid, deep, honest, slow, slightly challenging and strengthening. I took extra loving care to my hips and spine, which have been feeling more tight then normal in this dry climate. Yes there were many moments of distraction, noticing the sky growing lighter as the sun emerged from its slumber. I thought it was the moon’s glow shining through the clouds but it was the suns rays reflecting on the clouds. I continued to feel apprehensive about capturing a glimpse of the glorious Chandra before she disappeared for the day but alas I didn’t.

My practice was inspired by Wah! Her gorgeous voice, soulful sounds and melodic tunes as I moved together with my breath, flowing, holding, breathing and letting go. I feel incredibly blessed to have this time to myself in the mornings. Yes, I love to also teach in the mornings and share the experience with others but not today. This was all for me.

Some days I just cant get enough of downward dog, a couple of years ago I posted on facebook that the first downward dog of the day is the best and to this day it remains true for me and my body. I love the side lengthening in my body, the activation of my shoulders and the feeling of bliss along my calves as my heels extend to the back of my mat.

Only a few more days left here before moving on and having to possibly practice in confined spaces that lack room for my long body to stretch and reach to a limit of comfort where I am happily breathing and go deeper into that magical moment of getting up close and personal with myself again. The life of a travelling nomadic yogini has many positives and negatives and after six years I think I have developed a sense of acceptance of these tiny, narrow gaps in hotel rooms or hallways in friends houses or having to get creative in a sahaja flow way while doing some bed yoga seated up right and rolling my shoulders, head, neck and massaging myself in order to melt the tension from sleeping on a funky lumpy pillow.

Its times like these when I have ample space that I do not want to pack my bag and leave, I do not want to board another flight, I do not want to squeeze my mat into the top of my bag and finally let go of my favourite pair of leggings because I need the space and the holes in them are too big in the wrong places and I have finally found a replacement even if they are not organic or have the latest pattern on them. Sometimes we have to accept what is available to us, make the most of our surroundings and carefully pick and choose where our energy is directed too. Nothing lasts forever but when we land in a place or situation that is not ideal it feels like it will last forever.

I will remember this morning’s practice for a while and my body will continue to resonate with the potency of the moon and the spaciousness and quietude of my surroundings while Wah! Is playing in the background and the blue full moon is setting beyond the horizon behind the clouds.

Cars slowly begin to emerge onto the roads, people’s voices can be heard and I am slowly finishing off my practice with a few last moments in meditation as I go over my list of the many things I am grateful for. This practice of daily gratitude really does wonders for my heart, for my mind and it really sets me up for the day in a incredibly and positive way. Sad, happy, joyous or crazy, however my day unfolds I see this as the many lessons I am willing to embrace for I am a child of this earth, planting my seed intentions within the stars and doing what I can live each day in a sustainable and cohesive way.

Later that evening the skies were clear and we did witness Chandra rise, gently lifting herself out of the sea and into the sky. A big ball of light orange light softly pulsing and beaming radiantly in the sky. What a mystery the moon is to me, I still feel her encouragement to shine my light out into the world and hear her wisdom whispering within the breeze.

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