Music is medicine and music is life. We have our own inner rhythm, the pulse of our heart reflects the state of our nervous system and the quality of our breath. This inner rhythm is constant from the moment of conception to the day we die. It is our own pedometer, keeping track of timing and pace to ensure steadiness and continuity.

My teacher Shiva Rea recently wrote an article called Why The Sound Track Of Your Life Matters and one of my favourite paragraphs is:

“We must never forget that we are rhythmic beings: Our heartbeat, our breath, the cellular pulse—this is our inner rhythmic universe. Music has an incredible power in the way it tunes us, not just to ourselves, but to our community and to life.”

Music is medicine, it has the power to change the atmosphere in a room, it can turn a cloudy day into a ray of sunshine and make you feel like spreading your wings and fly. Just like movement, music feeds the soul on so many diverse and interchangeable levels. We are so blessed to have a ginormous array of choice, from Acoustic, Jazz, House, Trance, Progressive, Blues, Rock, Drum n Base, Opera, Pop, Country and Western and the list goes on depending on what experience you are wanting to prescribe to yourself.

You may remember my Movement Is Medicine blog post and I have to admit that Dance is also my saving grace. It lifts me up when I feel down, it changes my world and clears my mind. Movement and expression is a vital part of existence, we must move to live and live to move. When we add music into this mix the union is divine. Like two hearts becoming one. Not only do we have music as an incredible guide, we also use our physical bodies to integrate our experiences, express our emotions and create space for new shapes as the beats take place.

Music, rhythm, beat, movement, expression, sound, body intelligence and wisdom from our ancestors who were dancing long before us is deeply rooted in our being. You may come from a lineage of suppressed movers and shakers or a lineage of liberated and free form movers and groovers. Now is the time to take off your shoes, feel the earth beneath you and press play on your favourite tune and let it speak to you rhythmically, energetically and physically. Good music makes my cells sing, my blood flow and my lips grin. How can we stop or ignore the lyrical beat, how can we avoid the movement which arises and bubbles up from deep inside.

Give yourself FULL permission to celebrate this joyous union of music and movement. Music is medicine just like movement and the two, like soul mates go hand in hand together forever and when it is sprinkled with deep breaths, enlightenment feels like it is just around the corner!

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