Well sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes… I am air, air inspires, and air brushes away cobwebs, making things fresh and new. I love creating new spaces, having new projects and creating new ideas out of nothing. I adore originality. I especially love helping others to create their projects, dreams and ideas into a reality. I don’t know how I do it but I seem to have a knack for it.

So then, if I love doing all of this why do I have a sense of resentment when I see others “copying” me? Now don’t get me wrong, in different professions all around the world people do the same thing but in different ways to suit their company, clientele etc and yes on a corporate level this is all part of competition and advancement and growth of the global economy.

What I am getting at is around a base or grass roots level. I have seen it time and time again and each time I feel a slight contraction inside of myself. This reproduction of my hard work replicated by others for their own benefit with no acknowledgement of why they decided to do it and where they got the idea from. Yes, it could be coincidence that their project was released after mine but to be honest I think it is a small chance of this being the case.

It actually really hurts to see this happening. I honestly love to inspire and empower people but when there is no acknowledgement in return this is what truly pisses me off! We all have teachers who we respect and admire but when are we actually going to recognise we are all students and teachers of each other? You learn from me, I learn from you and so on. Therefore shouldn’t we be treating each other with the same amount of respect and admiration and actually acknowledge each other as we do our other teachers whom we hold in high regard?

For example if I resonated with something someone else had created and wanted to do the same I would reach out to them. I would express interest and acknowledge that they have created something wonderful which I also wish to reproduce. But maybe this is too much to ask. Maybe it is my Libran tendencies to feel the injustice in the world and try and make everything fair and balanced. If you are a Libran then I am sure you can relate  Ultimately there are millions of ideas born everyday but when you know you were inspired by someone else’s hard work then why not admit it? Share their greatness with the world, let everyone else know you love and admire what they do and basically respect the nadi / energy line which it branched and grew from.

So what to do? When this contraction is felt I exhale deeply. If a close friend is involved then it takes a few deeper exhalations and after many silent moments of disbelief I realise that it has happened again. I repeat to myself “It’s ok being a guiding light” over and over again until the contraction has softened. On a positive side it is moments like these that can create a deeper connection to my path and I re-remember what I am here to do.

I am here to inspire you. I am here to clear out your cobwebs. I am here to support your path. I am here to co-create heaven on earth with a community of like-minded souls who are open-hearted, clear, honest, supportive and who acknowledge each one of us as teachers and each one of us as students, as we do what we can to make our dreams a reality.

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