The word intention seems to be here, there and everywhere lately but do we really understand its importance and power?

Lets start with what they are all about. Intentions are completely personal; they can be expressed as a prayer, mantra, affirmation, song, poem or anything that resonates deeply inside of you. This specific path of finely tuned energy creates a vortex of, which holds a certain vibration. Lets consider the saying “Where your attention goes, energy flows”. If you believe it or not is up to you, but ultimately when you focus your energy, time and effort into something it grows and the more energy you feed it the stronger it becomes.

Just like planting a seed in the earth, we make sure the soil is rich, moist and clear of weeds. Before we connect with our intention we also ensure our hearts vision is true, our mind is not wavering and our inner space is clear of any negativity that may block the roots from anchoring and growing deep into ourselves before the intention rises and comes to life. Just like a precious seedling we must water and nurture it often, re-visit your intention hourly, daily, monthly or whenever you feel too. Feed it with positivity, encouragement and most of all trust, trust that the process of unfolding and birthing will be in perfect timing.

Now there is a difference between humbly repeating your intention with no expectations, just pure dedication and telling or yelling it to God / Goddess or the universe. Trust me, no one likes to be yelled at or told what to do!

It is easy to get obsessed with wanting something to manifest into your life NOW! If you are like me and highly passionate and get easily excited about different projects and ideas then try and notice daily if you are coming from a place of authentic prayer and or is it your ego willing it to happen.

I was curious about other people’s relationships with intentions, so I asked my facebook tribe and here is what they said.

Robyn Donaldson from says “Intention feels like a prayer declaration, which my soul makes in the present moment with the divine source. I set my intention, then release it. Stating it out loud or writing it down, presenting it to source makes me feel more confident that my intention will manifest because I took the time to be clear and speak from my heart.”

April Evans from says “I think intention is the difference between being an active participant in your life and just waiting for events to happen. I feel it mostly in my gut when I’m not following my truest intention. When I’m following intuition I guess I don’t feel it anywhere – I just feel aligned. *Following intention not intuition, though the physical manifestations are pretty much the same.”

Lana A. LaBonte from says “Intentions are what I vibrate out into the cosmos – constantly moving through the day and reminded to keep aligned (spine and all) with them! When I set an intention, everything I do matches with it and for me, it’s a prayer and a part of me on all levels – mind, body, heart, soul!” 

Lauren Tober from says “Intentions are a powerful way to support us to embody and move towards our heartfelt desires! A subject very close to my heart.”

Skye Regan said ‘Where intention goes energy flows’. I feel excited and happy within when I set intentions.

Armi Javier said “Being Purposeful. Having a clarity of the what (perceived first in the minds eye) and the execution is the action part of intention.”

Louise Gillespie-Smith from says “For me setting an intention is setting a way I am being through out everything I do, for example “being peaceful” “being present” being playful etc. I see intention different from a goal, I might still set a goal but then ask myself how will I be being when I have achieved it and then set the intention to be that now.”

Hermione Armitage from says “I’m a big fan of writing things down – preferably on a lovely crisp clean card with really nice coloured pens. I make little intention / affirmation cards and put them on my alter. It makes me get things super clear and concise (a handful of words at the most!) and also put it into positive language.”

Before going any further, take a moment to check in with the quality of your intention and ask, what does intention mean to me? How does it feel in my body? How am I working with my intention today? Give yourself permission to be the weaver of magic, a poet of divine intervention and dreamer of all the good things coming.

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