I believe we are all here for a reason and whatever that reason is needs to be experienced in order to feel a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. I call this concept working with our dharma. Your dharma is what you were born to do, a mission unique to you and your story. When we make a conscious decision to go deep into our dharma wisdom shines through and that glow of satisfaction spreads from head to toe!

Knowing what you are passionate about is one thing but knowing how to act and to put everything into place is a whole other story! How often have you started working on a project then find yourself stuck and unable to progress due to lack of confidence or inspiration? What about that idea you have been dreaming about for years now? Or that class or workshop you have wanted to set up?

I have seen too many people start something and never follow it through or even people who are just to scared and have no idea about where to begin. I have also been in this situation and find it extremely frustrating when I hit a wall or a blockage and don’t see any way around it. In the past 12 months of running a online yoga mentorship program we identify your goals, intentions and challenges right at the beginning, this way I am are fully aware your dreams and expectations and we both know what may hold you back. This could be anything from lack of motivation, no idea where to start, low self esteem or just not having the time.

From a yogic perspective this is also called Satya or Truth. When we are living in alignment with our truth not only does our soul vibrate with total joy but life itself has a effortlessness about it. Sure we are still faced with challenges but our approach to these challenges and how we react changes.

To make the decision to Refine Your Art and connect deep to your dharma will be the best decision you will ever make! For me it was a very organic unfolding and a constant reminder to myself to T R U S T. Trusting that I am on the right path, trusting that what I am dreaming about can be actualised and trusting that I am living my dharma. This is a huge asking of yourself and takes a lot of courage and guts to step up, take notice and act.

Deep down inside I am a gypsy and a sun worshiper with a wanderlust for curiosity about different cultures and ways of life. I used to admire people who could earn a living while travelling, may be they are digital nomads, charity workers or hotel managers, whatever their profession that had enabled them to travel and that is what I wanted.

When I started to travel and teach yoga there were not a lot of nomadic yogis and this concept seemed like a far off dream but I persisted, made myself available and I believed. I felt a deeper calling to connect to communities and offer them what I was passionate about and I was very fortunate for my offerings to be received with so many open hearts and invitations to keep coming back.

Maybe I was naive and this naivety protected me from the idea of failure. Who knows but I do know if I didn’t continuously trust this process of manifestation and believing in myself then I honestly don’t think I could have refined my work to where it is today.

In the beginning we will want to say yes to every offer, idea and suggestion that comes our way. This is a great way to meet people and to build your networks but when it comes down to it, do you want to be known as the ‘yes’ person? I am a strong believer in there being some sort of exchange, monetary or energetic, it doesn’t matter but it needs to be there.

In this day and age money helps but in the beginning why not be open to ideas and suggestions? Give yourself a time limit or a cut-off date for when you stop giving out freebies and start figuring out your self worth. Knowing your self worth is another huge acknowledgement and can also be scary!

When we work with refining our art, knowing your self-worth plays a huge part. Believing in yourself is a start but are you brave enough to put a price on your service?

During my mentorship retreat in Ibiza this September we will be working within this concept of aligning with our dharma, figuring out our self worth, creating a plan of action and building a trusting relationship with ourselves. By the end of our week together you will have re programmed your beliefs in yourself and your work, your growth in confidence will enable you to effortlessly guide a class that transmits total embodiment of your authentic self and you will feel ready for the next evolution of your path.

I hope you feel ready to dive into your journey of refining your art. Reach out for a discovery call and join us!

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