The magic and mystery of this island is unknown to many. When people think of Ibiza, a majority will automatically go for what it is commonly known – the clubbing, parties, expensive drinks, skimpy clothes, live sex shows, laser lights, tanned skin, nudist beaches and the constant sunny days.

All of this exists but only for a few months of the year. Have you ever heard of someone travelling to Ibiza for an epic weekend of clubbing in the middle of winter? The island is bursting with life from June – August, during May and September the island is not as busy and the rest of the year it is pretty much in a continuous siesta!

Behind the façade of the stereotypical Ibiza experience is a pulse of potency, immersed in history of Goddess worship with an economy successfully trading in fishing, salt and agriculture. Similar to Bali this island has a magnetic quality about it that affects people in different ways. Islands have a way to give you what you need, not necessarily what you want but what you need in order to live a more fulfilling life in alignment with your Dharma.

You may have seen my FB Live post last week when I mentioned about the sexualised nature of this place. When we look at the energetics of Ibiza it is a very base chakra / muladhara and sacral chakra / svadisthana chakra vibration. Think about it, people come here seeking pleasure, to party, to let go, to loose themselves in a haze of booze and drug induced experiences. Their actions ultimately reflect the adolescence nature, which is all about survival, being seen and reinventing themselves. These are attributes of the first two Chakras.

This is neither a positive or a negative, it is just the way it is! Bali is the mother, she is all about the heart, you see it everyday with the daily offerings and the constant gratitude for family, abundance and life itself is seen as sacred. When you land in Mama Bali you feel her sacred embrace as she warmly wraps her wings around you, encouraging you to fully relax and soak up the abundance of what she provides.

I have an affiliation with both places and have spent ample time on both islands. Like any powerful and transformative place when it calls you, you listen and when its time to go, you leave.

With my annual retreat in Ibiza this September, I have been tuning in and connecting with the energy of the island during my morning meditation practice. We have been visiting the sacred sites for the soul excursions, making offerings and planting seed intentions for the group. My offerings have been mostly energetic apart from a visit to Cala d’Hort and Es Vedra when my precious Mala ended up sliding off and vanishing into the depths of the deep blue sea during a photo shoot! That was quite an offering!

The Ibiza I know has small rolling hills, stunning sunrises, epic sunsets, delicious tomatoes, creamy avocados, goats cheese to die for, dry landscapes and siestas. During the twilight hours a beautiful dreamy quality washes over the entire island, as if the doors to another world has been cracked open and if our consciousness is dialled in we may have a peek into a parallel universe when Goddess Tanit is worshiped, revered and loved by all.

According to a local publication Rewinding to a few hundred years before Christ, the original settlers of Ibiza, the peaceful, prosperous and pagan Phoenicians worshipped the sun. The male sun god was Baal and his female partner, associated with the moon was Tanit, a warrior goddess of dance, fertility, creation and destruction. She’s the protector goddess of Ibiza and there was once a temple dedicated to her on the same site the cathedral now stands. She’s still very much here on the island in spirit as you will see if you look out, there are references to her Goddessness all over the place. Rather apt too, don’t you think, is that an island presided over by the goddess of dance should be home to the World’s biggest and most influential electronic dance music scene. Coincidence?

With its wide selection of beaches, relaxed and laid back attitude Ibiza offers something for everyone. During the retreat we will experience all aspects of the island plus working daily on refining your art, this means gathering your gifts, talents and passions and doing the work to polish and amplify your websites, social media presence, class sequencing, hands on assists, languaging and communication, holding space and so much more.

One morning, months ago when I was in Bali, Ibiza clearly sent me a message about creating this retreat in alignment with my mentorship program. The work we will be doing is very much associated with the first two Chakras, without creating a stable and firm foundation to build upon our dreams and passions remain as just that. When it comes to living and breathing your passion out into the world you NEED a solid foundation to build upon, one which is strong, supportive and unwavering.

We have two places left for the Ibiza retreat in September and bookings are now open for our annual Bali immersion in March. If you fancy coming along and diving into the magic and mystery of theses transformative islands get in touch!

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