The haze of travel is gently dissolving as you wait for your bag in the airport, looking around you see many faces which are vaguely familiar after being on the same plane for many hours. You wonder if any of them will be at the retreat too… Venturing through the doors you instantly see your driver waiting for you holding a sign with your name on it. After an exchange of pleasantries he takes your bag and leads the way to the car. Ah yes, almost there!!! The excitement builds as you journey closer to your destination!

Waking up in new surroundings and taking in the new light and atmosphere is always a joy! There is a child like innocents when getting to know your way around and finding out where different paths and doorways lead and especially locating your ultimate spot for reading a book, writing in my journal or just to simply relax.

The morning practice included sacred writing and a guided meditation before diving into a energising and dynamic yoga practice which worked like magic in removing the knots from travel in your body. Some balancing pranayama was just exactly what you needed to really clear your head and the Shavasana seemed to be completely timeless because in a flash you find yourself at brunch, and feeling so spoilt! My goodness this is just day one!

The mid morning air is still crisp and fresh and you feel surprisingly awake even though you are a few hours out of your time zone. While sitting down to eat brunch, conversations between the group begin to take place as you take in new smells of freshly backed gluten free goods, mouth watering delights and the juicy fruits which are laid out before you.

For a large part of the day you get to decide what to do until the afternoon activities and evening practice. Should you get a massage? Do some sun bathing? Venture to the closest town? Curl up in a hammock with a book? Or take a nap? You see how the simple pleasure of life become a priority when you step away from your normal routine of rushing around trying to get everything done all at once.

The day in the life of a yogi on retreat is full of still moments, insightful conversations with your new room mate, revelations as you relax by the pool, waves of gratitude as you feel your cells slow down and of course being open to that tender space of authentic expression. So often tears flow, hugs are exchanged, laughter gets to be contagious and so many smiles are shared.

The excitement of travel and going on retreat is one experience which never gets old. Regardless if I am hosting a retreat or going on one, the initial anticipation is the same. From arriving, checking in and getting to know the other guests, to gathering for the first time around the dinner table, we begin as strangers and leave as family.

During my Refine Your Art Yoga Retreat we have allocated time during the flow of our day to come together as students, teachers and friends to support, study and share our dreams and aspirations with each other. This is sacred and confidential time as we work on birthing our seed intentions out into the world.

I know there are no other retreats out in the world like this! Instead of coming on a retreat to learn a new skill this retreat is really about refining your current skills and making the most out of your talents and gifts and applying them to your business. It is super easy to sign up for another course, another workshop and another training but there is never a opportunity to actually go deeper into the new content to ensure you fully understand and are able to deliver what you are learning. Now there is!

So what gives me the experience to do this? I started teaching dance at the tender age of 14 and since then I have worked a lot with grass roots organisations, fundraising and promoting events locally and internationally. I have volunteered, worked and performed at festivals behind the scenes and front of house. I assist my mentor and teacher Shiva Rea on a regular basis plus I have taught yoga in high end studios in Shanghai to community halls in outback rural Australia and successfully run sold out retreats in a number of countries around the world.

I have been actively teaching and travelling around the globe without a base for the past 7 years with only my 20kg of luggage. So along this journey I have experienced a lot, seen a lot and done a lot of research and investigation into what support there is in the world of post yoga teacher training’s. To be honest I am disappointed that this aspect of learning to teach yoga is not available.  So I really feel that from this life long experience of life on the road and saying yes to the many opportunities which came my way has put me in a perfect position to hold space for others on the path of self empowerment, self discovery and self exploration.

It really is a beautiful concept, taking time out from your normal routine and giving yourself one week or 10 days or even two weeks on retreat. A retreat or time away from your normal routine doesn’t necessarily have to be a yoga retreat, it can be in any environment with any activity but generally something that requires you to relax and unplug while being surrounded natural beauty, immersed in total luxury with as little or as many activities as you like.

The connections and memories we make on yoga retreats can last for many years. Even now I adore crossing paths with other yogis who are blossoming with their work out in the world. When we meet we celebrate each others achievements since we last spoke!

We have one space left for the Ibiza retreat and I know one courageous person is standing on the shore waiting to dive in with us. Do it – dive in!!!!!!

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