Never in my life could I have imagined I would be doing what I am doing now. Traveling the world teaching yoga, offering trainings, hosting retreats and supporting people on their path to vitality and living their truth out in the world. Dance was my life from a young age, I loved being on stage, getting maked up before shows, the hours of rehearsals and of course performing. Yoga was always there to support my dancing existence, but I never actually set out to be a yoga teacher or even to offer yoga teacher trainings!

My path as a teacher began at the tender age of around 14/15 when I used to help my dance teacher teach the younger kids and assist them in up and coming shows. As dance was a deep passion I never really thought of it as a profession because it was my life outside school, friends and family life.

Fast forward a good couple of years and I found myself in Europe performing, teaching and choreographing shows which had evolved more into my own expression of embodiment and I was incorporating yoga asanas as part of my daily routine to help my body warm up and be receptive. I was studying dance movement therapy and attending regular 5 Rhythms classes which was igniting my passion even more and was very much in alignment with my life dedicated to embodiment.

Winter was coming and I needed something to get me through the cold dark months ahead so I signed up for a local 9 month yoga teacher training, not only to deepen my own connection to myself but to add this to my tool bag for inspiration. During this 9 months I felt like I had uncovered a new layer of myself, I loved reading about the sutras, the Indian philosophy and experimenting with the sequencing, giving myself full permission to follow the flow of the breath, the natural movement of the body and move from form into formlessness. Finally I had found direction and form which made sense outside of the 5 Rhythms world.

Fast forward another good few years and I could not ignore the call to explore more of the world  – but how to sustain myself for this indefinite length of time? Over the past few years I had found my tribe and made some amazing connections in many beautiful parts of the world and received many invitations to visit and teach at their studios, so I embarked on one of the most incredible journeys to date! In the first 6 months I taught in Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey. The invitations kept coming in and my networks expanded especially with social media as a platform for networking, the world really was my playground!

I never identified myself as a “yoga teacher”, more of a teacher of embodiment and I honestly felt like I had stumbled on a way of life which I had been unconsciously seeking out without even knowing it. Teaching embodiment and traveling filled my soul and my gypsy nature was in heaven! When people asked about my “work” they found it unbelievable and thought it to be a very different existence as at the time there were not many traveling teachers doing what I was blessed to do.

My passion for movement and embodiment had taken on a life of its own, I created a movement medicine teacher training which is continuing to evolve and it grows annually during my Bali retreats plus a few years later my teacher gave me her blessing to offer a 200hr affiliate yoga teacher training program, the first one ever to be offered in Australia!

This path has not been easy, I have been tested many times, friendships lost, luggage gone missing, visas denied / expired, flights missed, dates confused, events cancelled last minute and I have spent countless hours emailing, planning, scheduling, re-arranging travel and making it work for me at the same time as being of service. I have not had a winter in almost 8 years, apart from 2 weeks I spent in Japan last November which was a good reminder that my body doesn’t cope well in cooler climates.

When I think back to my humble beginnings, struggling in the academic world and just wanting to be an artist of life using dance and movement as my canvas, never in my wildest dreams would I guess I would be a yoga teacher. I love it with every cell of my being and feel incredibly blessed to have found my tribe and continue doing what I love. I am constantly refining my offerings, deepening my own understanding of embodiment and staying connected to my teacher.

It all feels like an accident but may be it was written in the stars all along!

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