Like the loud voice in your head telling you it’s time. Similar to when your belly has butterflies and doing somersaults. Just like when you have a prickle in your foot, a stone in your shoe, a flash of inspiration or when your dreams filter out into reality. These are the things you can’t ignore, but we do and why? Why are we so busy to stop and listen, to stop and acknowledge and to stop and trust? Have we really become so reliant on others we have disconnected from ourselves?

Have you noticed the flow of ease and grace when you are living in alignment with your dharma? And the struggle and fear when you are not? Becoming attuned to your hearts desires, inner calling and intuitive voice is not hard but you have to do the work. You have to take time to stop what you are doing, step away from the rational / thinking mind and tune into the present moment of Now. Here, beneath the layers and masks of illusion is your all knowing, all encompassing and blatant truthful self.

When I go for my morning walk or unroll my mat to practice I become so aware of how disconnected I am to myself if I try and do too many things at once! In this state I become detached from my core and make decisions based from my ego or thinking mind instead of my intuitive centre. The finer details are over looked and I am disenchanted by the signals leading me in the right direction, hence I adopt the middle name of distraction in this disengaged state.

In this distracted disembodiment we give our power away, not on purpose but when we ride the waves of life leading with the head because we “think” it’s the right thing to do in order to please others we easily sway from our well deserved path of living a purposeful existence.

Being of service is part of my dharma and I receive vast well of satisfaction holding space and supporting others to thrive, but I draw the line at ignoring the whispering voice of wisdom gently revealing the middle ground on which to walk. Too often I have given my power and precious time away and from this experience I have learned to identify the truth but trust me I am not 100% there, yet!

Similar to having an itch you can’t scratch, work and acknowledgement is required to stop, listen, feel and tune into that specific sensation to create a deeper and trustworthy relationship with yourself. It’s being brave enough to follow the whispering words of wisdom and see what treasures will be revealed.

It’s easy to be hard on yourself and get caught up in the dramas of life but by doing so you are keeping your gifts and medicine to yourself when they are meant to be shared.

My annual Refine Your Art, Yoga Mentorship retreat is created for you to take time out and tune into these whispering voices of wisdom shedding light and guiding the way. I have created this platform of support and space for integration where you will have the time to fine tune your talents during the collective study sessions and really experience clarity of your dharma, build confidence and be inspired during the practice labs in a supportive and relaxing environment.

Catering to your needs is priority, which is why your input and presence is invaluable. Prior to the retreat you will receive a questionnaire asking about your expectations, needs and intention for coming, with this information I write a manual and plan each session specifically to the requests of the group.

Like I mentioned in my recent Facebook live this retreat really is like no other! Spaces are limited so we encourage you to reach out if this speaks to you in any way, shape or form. Don’t let this opportunity just be another stone in your shoe when you know full well it is your time to step into your power, embrace your passion and transform it into reality for the benefit of all.

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