Knowing what you are passionate about is one thing but knowing how to act and to put everything into place to make it happen is a whole other story! How often have you started working on a project then find yourself stuck and unable to progress due to lack of confidence, inspiration or direction? What about that idea you have been dreaming about for years now? Or that class or workshop you have wanted to set up?

So you don’t make the same mistakes I have, I created a process which can be easily applied regardless of your passion, path, dharma / purpose or chosen art form. Whatever your “what” is, this pathway will provide you with tools and techniques to support your journey moving forward.

During this process we follow the map of the chakras / energetic centres in the body and work from the practical to the mystical. You will need your journal and coloured pens plus some quiet time to work through the steps below. Feel free to go through this process over 7, 14 or 28 days, creativity cannot be forced into being!

Muladhara / Base Chakra: Form your foundation
Clarify, solidify and establish your intention. Begin to ground your idea with a clear intention, vision and purpose.

Activity: Give yourself 5 – 10 minutes to daydream about working in alignment with your Dharma. Bathe yourself in the kinesthetic experience of what it feels like to have everything in place to thrive on all levels. Set your imagination free to see how this vision will evolve to serve you 3, 5 or 10 years from now. Brainstorm different ways to complete the sentence in your journal. Write it down a few times to really bring it to life, integrate colour, draw pictures, squiggle and sprinkle glitter all over it to bless your affirmation with pure life force and your unique essence.

Svadhisthana / Sacral Chakra: Unleash your creativity
Creating, moving and bringing it to life. Continuing to dream big as you flow into a more fluid and creative relationship with your intention by getting organised!

Activity: Take 20 – 25 minutes to get creative in your journal by mapping out pathways to breathe life into your intention. This may be in the form of a mind map, brain dump, a flow of uninterrupted writing, a collage, word art painting or some other form of expression. Once complete, start plotting steps on your calendar for when you will make the phone calls, do the research, meet with that person, design a flyer or whatever it is you need to do.

Manipura / Solar Plexus: Ignite your passion
Empowerment, self belief and accountability. Action beats intention so be prepared to step into your power and shine your light out in your community as we shift into this day of being courageous and taking action while staying focused on the bigger picture.

Activity: Take 30 minutes to complete at least one task on the map you created yesterday. Be brave, act and feel courageous as you step up into your power today. Revisit your plan to see if you are leaking your energy and time anywhere on your map. Consider and contemplate if you are able to streamline, simplify or complete any task sooner than expected. Most importantly when working with deadlines and due dates is to forgive yourself if you don’t meet your expectations. Remember, you are a heart centred, vibrant and creative being with the power to change your due dates to suit your individual flow of manifestation.

Anahata / Heart Chakra: Embrace your purpose
Attitude of gratitude and celebrating the journey. Transitioning into the higher vibrational aspects of refinement as you connect to the joy current residing in your heart to build a support network.

Activity: Gift yourself 30 minutes to map out all the different aspects of your intention, highlighting the areas where you thrive – meaning what you find enjoyable to do. It is time to build your support network so you don’t have to struggle and do it all alone. Depending on your intention your support network may include graphic / web designers, savvy social media people, baby sitters, your partner / close friends who help hold down the fort while you work and anyone else who’s genius zones reside in areas you need help with. Reach out to these people, talk to them about your ideas and how they can help you and include a time scale of when you need it done by. Agree on the exchange, perhaps it is monetary or a swap i.e. Giving them a massage, cook them dinner, clean their bathroom, go fruit and veg shopping for them, take their dog for a walk or babysit for them. The choices and options are endless!

Vishuddha / Throat Chakra: Verbalise your creation
Communicate, express and strategise. Elevating your experience into the space of communicating your work out in the world to live and easily breathe in alignment with its vibration.

Activity: Talk to at least one person today who is outside of your immediate circle about your intention. Share with them when it is being launched and how excited you are! Even if there is no launch date, it is coming – soon! Or if you really want to challenge and step up, do a facebook live and share your enthusiasm about your work in the world. Remember this is your dream, your ideal way of living your life so I encourage you to share a preview of it far and wide with like-minded individuals. I recommend to check in with your intention daily and weekly and ask, does it still make my heart sing, my spirit soar and my soul shine? Make a 30 minute window to take in the bigger picture, from the micro to the macro and everything else in between. Start to implement a strategy moving forward and be completely honest with yourself now that you know the work involved and your experience so far.

Ajna / Third Eye Chakra: Trusting your intuition.
Navigating through doubt and over coming fear. When you make the decision to live and breathe your passions out in the world you will come up against all kinds of challenges which may include doubt and fear. This may be viewed as a test of dedication to your chosen path or perhaps you / the world is not ready yet, or it is simply a challenge to help you be more focused and steady. Whatever it may be, try and react from the space of the heart. The heart knows, the head only thinks it knows. Trusting your intuition is a life-long process, one which will get stronger over time – just like exercising the creative muscle, it takes work! Your intuition or the little voice of wisdom inside of you will grow louder enabling you to recognise the little signs of truth as and when they come in.

Activity: Take 15 minutes in a quiet undisturbed place to tune into this voice of wisdom, align with your intention and offer this to your intuition asking for guidance and listen to what arises. Make notes, write about your experience and once complete be grateful for your inner wisdom guiding the way.

Remember FEAR stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real so I invite you to revisit this process from step one to now and re-remind yourself of the bigger picture of why you have chosen this path.

Sahasrara / Crown Chakra: Staying connected
Trusting the process unfolding in divine timing. The difference in who you are and who you want to be is what you do. During this process of manifesting and living your dreams it is vital to stay connected to your ultimate outcome. Each time you think about it, feel the joy on a visceral level as it overflows in the heart and ripples out to your fingers and toes. Trace these currents and trust the process. Know within yourself your passion and drive is enough to get to where you want to be. Continue to learn and grow daily and make the necessary changes and adjustments needed to fully and whole-heartedly receive the blessing of thriving on all levels as you work in alignment with your dreams! YES! It is possible! YES! You can do this! And YES! If I can do it so can you!

Activity: Take 30 minutes of your precious time and make a list of all the things you are grateful for. Let this flow like a unbroken stream of writing or drawing. Fill your pages with colour and positive words reflecting your intention. Write your list as if your intention has already manifested!

Congratulations on completing the seven steps! I sincerely hope you are feeling more inspired, creative and motivated to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy this process as many times as you need. Infinite blessings on your intentions!

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