Every week something seems to push through my seemingly strong will power to stay confidently on track. Often, it bowls me over and leaves me seriously contemplating whether to conform, follow the crowd and be like everyone else. Who am I to be worthy of living a vivacious life, following my heart and creatively thriving daily?

Living authentically takes guts, courage, confidence and requires you to not give a sh*t about what others think. It means not everyone will like or resonate with what you do, how you do it, even if they know why you do what you do. Being a sensitive person you will feel this push and pull and the struggle to stay on track with your true hearts’ calling. There will be days when you alternate between feeling connected to your inner power and other times when you feel alone, deep in doubt and despair.

I can never predict when something will push through and punch my confidence. This trigger may come from anywhere at any moment. Does this mean I have to be on guard and alert at all times? Not at all, I see these moments as a little test. A test to recognise what fans or diminishes my flame, a test of my passion and commitment towards living my truth. Ultimately this establishes a stronger connection and bond to my truthfulness, my hearts desire and life’s calling.

Following your hearts calling means you will want to create a rebellion within your community together with a desire to empower others to rise, live authentically and ultimately shine a unique light out in the world. This beam of light reflects the genuineness of gifts, one that speaks volumes of truth and one which is not sponsored by big brands endorsed by corporate companies who’s only interest is gaining more followers, tripling their income and re investing into absolutely anything, regardless of ethics.

It is our birthright to live an authentic life without feeling worthless, that we don’t matter, that we are un-deserving or need to be something we are not. What’s the point of trying to mould into a square hole when we in fact are constantly changing and evolving day by day from circles to triangles to spirals and other cosmic geometric shapes, which will NEVER fit into a one size-fits-all square hole.

How are we expected to excel when opportunities are given to others with a bigger social media following or to someone who is half our age, not a wrinkle in sight? Someone who may have just stepped out of a 30 day yoga teacher training leaving you wondering where the integrity of the yoga world has gone. Not that I am dismissing the younger generation of yoga teachers. This post is about recognising authentic life experience over a following on social media.

This always seems to be a huge topic of conversation within my mentorship program especially from heart based teachers. We struggle fitting into the ‘norm’ not that we want to but some part of us feels more accepted if we do. There is a silent pressure to have sold out events, to be the strongest, most flexible with the cutest buns on the block with 100,000 followers to even get a second chance when having to endure a teaching audition at the newest studio in town or be invited to teach at the biggest festivals.

We are lead to believe that having all of this will make more money, have more friends and makes us feel more fulfilled. Personally I have been down that path, I have endured and proved to myself that it is far from fulfilling, it did not make me more money and it most definitely did not make me more friends – quite the opposite!

I will be the first person to put my hand up and admit to going against the grain of what’s in. It must be programmed into my DNA to not be a follower of the latest crazy, knowing full well whatever that is will be replaced with something bigger and better in no time.

If you resonate with living authentically but have lost your way and want to connect with your dharma or life’s purpose and re-remember what makes your heart sing, your soul shine and your spirit soar feel free to reach out for a free consult in my mentorship program. I promise you there is no dogma, no requirements to meet and definitely no judgement of your social media status, just you and me keeping it real in alignment with your authentic self.

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