2018 Prana Vinyasa Yoga Events Calendar

Join Delamay on her journey as she offers a full spectrum of Prana Vinyasa yoga workshops and trainings with the intention of deepening your yoga practice, inspiring your movement alchemy and bridging the gap between the breath, mind and heart. Here you will find a month by month break down of what’s on offer plus the individual 200hr Prana Vinyasa® Affiliate Yoga Teacher Training module dates!

To invite Delamay to be part of your teacher training, festival or event contact us directly.

FEB '18: MODULE SIX – Embodying Space: Standing balance and integration, Byron Bay Australia




2 – 4 February 2018

An affiliate program for Samudra Global School for Living Yoga Prana Vinyasa® Yoga Teacher Training With Delamay Devi and guests across Australia!

Join us for the full 200HR program or 30HR separate modules across Australia. Noosa, Perth or Byron Bay. These hours can also be added towards Samudra’s 200hrs /300hrs /500hrs programs.

PRANA VINYASA® is a full spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea. Students are empowered to experience prana, the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence, as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. www.shivarea.com


MODULE SIX – Embodying Space

Deepen your understanding of the Foundation Space Prana Vinyasa sequence with Integration, connecting the standing balance families of asanas to the asana families of the previous five modules.

Through the opening movement meditation, classical and dancing warrior namaskars, core cultivation, Prana Vinyasa wave sequence, peak asana, and lunar mudrasanas of the Vasisthasana/ Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana sequence, we will slowly and effectively embody the flow of prana connected to backbending and standing balance asanas, our relationship to the integrated embodiment of all elements and our instinctual body.


Exchange / Location / Bookings

Exchange: $695
This includes 30 contact hours, the relevant study material online and a manual. Please also read the the attendance / certification / cancellation policy to understand your commitment.

Location: Byron Community Centre, 69 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Registration: www.delamaydevi.com/prana-vinyasa-yoga-teacher-training/


10 February

Using music as a guide and the breath as the teacher, Delamay invites youto enquire inwards and receive the medicine that only movement creates. Prana Vinyasa yoga is an energetic, full spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea.


10.00am – 12.30pm

Evolution Of Vinyasa

Experience a full spectrum of Vinyasas using the evolutionary Prana Flow pathways of pulsing, body and rhythmic Vinyasas to stimulate energetic alignment and increase circulation throughout, as we serve the life-force in a balanced and cohesive way. By tapping into the wisdom of the body, we set in motion this evolution internally, as it is expressed externally with the breath and movement becoming one. In doing so we express and mirror the qualities of Prana Vayu, the all- pervading movement of energy enhancing your breath, heart and mind connection.

This progressive workshop  includes Prana Vinyasa wave sequencing, core cultivation, deep restorative forward bends, liberating backbends, empowering arm balances sprinkled with movement meditation, pranayama and mudras. By working with kramas / different stages of evolution within asana this workshop is suitable for all yoga lovers and will leave you feeling inspired, uplifted and energised!


2.00pm – 4.30pm

Chakra Fusion Flow

This journey begins with the Base Chakra/ Muladhara for a Earth salutation, cultivating stability and a healthy relationship to the hips. From Muladhara we transition to the Sacral Chakra/ Svadhisthana inviting in fluidity with the element of Water and honouring the reproductive system and the well of creativity which resides here. From Svadhisthana we light up the Solar Plexus Chakra / Manipura, by igniting our inner fire generating heat, building sacred strength and stamina with core cultivation and more! Our exploration continues to map these energetic centres culminating at the Crown Chakra/ Sahasrara where we become one with anandamaya kosha and melt into a state of embodied bliss.

This workshop is a complete energetic exploration with Prana Vinyasa yoga namaskars and inspirational movement meditations inspired by Shiva Rea’s Chakra Vinyasa module. During this Chakra Fusion Flow Delamay ignites a curiosity for the mystical connected to the energy vortexes of the body, we unravel this knowledge through visualisations, affirmations, mudra and creative sequencing suitable for all levels.


Exchange / Location / Bookings

Price: $55 or $95 for both. Early Bird Price before 31/12 of $45 each or $75 for both.

SoHo Yoga
5/702 Ann St (Enter on Warner Street)
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Ph: 07 3180 1686
Email: namaste@sohoyoga.com.au
Bookings www.sohoyoga.com.au/workshops

FEB: PRANA VINYASA WORKSHOP, Mullumbimby Australia



17 February

You are invited to join Delamay at the Yogapad in Mullumbimby for a restorative and deeply nourishing Prana Vinyasa workshop!

Restore, exhale and completely rejuvenate.

To embark on a Sadhana means to listen to your body and feed it with the nourishment that it so deeply calls for. In today’s world, there are millions of distractions, all causing the nervous system to be on overdrive, creating a discord and disconnection to the physical self and present moment. We are often ‘too busy’ to slow down, put our legs up the wall, take some deep conscious breaths and simply tune into the rhythm of our heartbeat.

In this workshop we will surrender, relax and flow through a Soma Prana Vinyasa sequence with the primary intention of balancing the nervous system and bringing equilibrium to your entire being. The heart rate and blood pressure are lowered while simultaneously boosting the immune system. We will incorporate natural movement to release physical tension, pranayama and mudra for calming the mind, with deep and supportive forward bends utilising blocks, bolsters, belts and Thai Massage techniques to melt into a sublime state of total relaxation.

This sadhana is suitable for all levels.

Exchange / Location / Bookings
Saturday 17 February 2pm – 5pm

The Yoga Pad
108 Dalley Street
Mullumbimby 2482

Early bird: $30 / Regular: $35
Bookings via eventbright





27 Feb – 4 March

Join Shiva and the tribe in Byron Bay!

Exchange / Location / Bookings
Full details on Shiva’s website



9 – 16 April

If your yogi SPIRIT is seeking adventure into MYSTIC lands where daily RITUAL, sacred CEREMONY and EMBODIMENT is part of everyday life, then join Delamay Devi and special guests for a truly MAGICAL and UNFORGETTABLE week in beautiful Bali!


Exchange / Location / Bookings
For full details visit the retreats page.

APR: 300HR PRANA VINYASA YOGA TT, Byron Bay Australia



Our 300hr Prana Vinyasa Affiliate Yoga TT starts again in April! Spread out over 12 months in two different locations.

Reach out to pre register your interest.


Exchange / Location / Bookings
Byron Bay and Bali




12 May

You are invited to join Delamay at Ananta Yoga in Byron Bay for a special back bending Prana Vinyasa Yoga workshop!

Dive deep into your compassionate heart space with a radiant and energising back bending immersion. Learn to create a stable foundation for your sacrum and spine to enable a safe and effortless path into backbends. Tap into the joy current which naturally resides in the Anahata chakra through an opening heart salutation, supportive adjustments and mindful movements created to liberate your spine. During this Prana Vinyasa yoga journey together we will be opening to a world of possibilities within our bodies, working alone and with partners for your inner love light to shine!

This workshop is suitable for all yoga lovers and will leave you feeling joyous, inspired and totally radiant!

Exchange / Location / Bookings

Early bird: $35 (before 08/05)
Regular price: $40 (after 08/05)

Secure your spot via eventbrite
Location: Ananta, 2b/144 Jonson St, Byron Bay 2481






More details coming soon!


Exchange / Location / Bookings




19 – 23 July

Join Delamay for three Prana Vinyasa yoga workshops and a host of awesome teachers for the Barcelona Yoga Conference!


Exchange / Location / Bookings
For full details visit the Barcelona Yoga Conference website.



8 – 14 September

More details coming soon!


Exchange / Location / Bookings


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