Waking up to a sensory overload is always challenging.

The noise from the construction next door. The farmer ploughing the fields a few metres away with an engine sounding like a jackhammer. The roar of trucks on the road. The loud chatter of people passing by. Dogs barking in the distance and of course the mind babble caused by the distractions sparked by a scrolling through social media as the pinging sound of emails and notifications fill the air while my computer whirls to life.

The mechanic soundscape seems to be getting louder as I settle on my mat and try connecting to my breath. I am not trying to still my mind but trying to connect with a still point amongst the audio atmosphere of life on a Monday morning.

The influx of noise we’re faced with and surrounded by daily is enormous. As a society living in the digital age, we are so accustomed to this humdrum, we ignore it, block it out with other noise and charge on through it without giving it a second thought.

I am someone who saviours quietude, bathing in the sounds of nature and washing my nervous system with long deep breaths. Don’t get me wrong I am also a lover of music playing on a kick-ass sound system but feel there is a time and a place for this.

My kinaesthetic nature is highly sensitive to erratic noise, abrupt sounds and deep reverberating low vibration frequencies. Just like a drop of water as it lands in the ocean the ripples carry this impact far and wide through the ocean of my inner awareness. Similar to a jet engine, this roaring sound sends my energetic body into a state of numbness, which is why I make a point of listening to music when I travel to help keep my energetic state high, clear and balanced.

I find myself searching for a pause in all the cacophony just to saviour a quick spark of soft silence. All this noise seems to merge into other noises creating a constant eruption of a never-ending stream of clatter. I find myself getting lost in the chaos of it all losing time, forgetting my plans and getting carried away with the constant drum of engines, the pounding of hammers and cranking of machinery. Somewhere between this mess, above, through, around and behind this noise is my breath. Quietly waiting for my peaceful return. For me to unplug, disconnect and rise above to meet this expansive space of peace and tranquillity while the chaos of the day floats on by brushing past like a cool breeze unable to penetrate my sense of Santosha.

Already one hour has passed since I rolled out my mat and I am still entangled with all this noise. Timeout to unplug is incredibly vital for us sensitive souls. We MUST give this to ourselves to release our nervous system from mental slavery and come back to a state of balance and equilibrium.

Personally going on retreat fills my cup like no other, landing in a space where the serene surrounds become an ensemble of healing vibes, softly caressing and soothing my soul, rejuvenating my spirit and retuning my heart strings to a calm melodic blissful purr. A haven where movement is our daily tonic and I can receive a range of therapeutic wholesome treatments enabling this time to be all about me. And a retreat that doesn’t cost the earth, offering mouth-watering delicious food to ensure my physical body is receiving the same amount of nourishment as my energetic body.

If you need to escape the noise and block some time out for your sensitive self we have limited spaces left to join us in our peaceful sanctuary in Bali. We will be deeply plugged into nature, recharging ourselves for a full week with sublime Prana Vinyasa yoga practices with introspective meditations, soulful excursions, daily ritual and unforgettable cultural experiences.

Reach out for a welcome pack if this speaks to you and escape the noise with us this April! I simply cannot wait to share this downtime and recharge together in undisturbed paradise.

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