At the beginning of 2017, I was looking for what would feed my fire. Having experienced the joy of teacher training with Shiva Rea over 2 different immersions the previous year, I was now hungry for more of this (prana vinyasa) elixir that was completely transforming my life. I was having a revelation! Yet at the same time I was feeling lost … unsure of how I was going to keep this inner fire burning.

A single mama of 4 living in regional Victoria meant that attending teacher training in any major city for more than a few days at a time just wasn’t an option. At around the same time, I saw Delamay’s offering of a 200 HR Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course.

Having met Delamay previously, in her role as one of Shiva’s trusted assistants; I knew that training with her would be as close to training with Shiva herself, as we would get here in Australia. What I didn’t fully comprehend at the time, is that Delamay is indeed a beautiful conduit through whom these rich teachings flow. Any initial hesitations I held about training with someone other than Shiva herself, quickly fell away as I began to spend time under Delamay’s guidance.

Originally I wasn’t intending on completing the full 200hr course, largely because I didn’t think I would be able to manage or balance it with the needs of my family. But as soon as I began to train with Delamay, things started to change, for the better.

After throwing caution to the wind and signing up for the first module, it pretty quickly became obvious that I would benefit greatly from completing the full course. The practice felt great in my body, the content and the way it was delivered was enticing and engaging, and the connection or sisterhood that formed between the 12 or so of us that had responded to the call felt deeply empowering. Once I embraced the thought of doing the full 200hr course everything else pretty well magically fell into place. The alchemy had started!

Throughout each module Delamay caringly guided us through a wealth of information – solar and lunar namaskars for each element, meditation practices, theory sessions and insights, hands-on assists, sessions with some awe-inspiring guest speakers and more! At every step of the journey, Delamay held a deeply nurturing space within which we were able to fully explore these revelations, both as yoga teachers offering the best of ourselves out into the world, and personally for inner transformation. I walked away from each one of the 5 modules feeling incredibly fulfilled, nourished and inspired. My confidence as a yoga teacher grew exponentially as a direct result of completing this course. And there is no doubt that my students have benefitted greatly from my training with Delamay.

Delamay makes herself readily available and accessible for all of her students. She is not just a wonderful teacher, but also a trusted and treasured mentor and friend, who is there to support you 110%. With her loving guidance, I am refining my art as a yoga teacher and offering more of my radiant self out into the world! She is a beautiful example of living your truth and your dreams. And will find practical ways to encourage you to do so also
I am very grateful for my time in training with Delamay and cannot recommend her Prana Vinyasa teacher training course highly enough! I look forward to attending many more upcoming trainings with her in the future.

Visit Delamay’s teacher training page for more details and to learn more about Natalie’s offerings visit her website.

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