2019 Prana Vinyasa Yoga Events Calendar

Join Delamay on her journey as she offers a full spectrum of international Prana Vinyasa yoga events with the intention of deepening your yoga practice, inspiring your movement alchemy and bridging the gap between the breath, mind and heart. Here you will find a month by month break down of what’s on offer plus the individual Prana Vinyasa® Affiliate Yoga Teacher Training module dates!

To invite Delamay to be part of your teacher training, festival or event contact us directly.

JAN - FEB '19: LUNAR PRANA VINYASA, Byron Bay Australia

29 Jan – 3 Feb 2019

A deeply restorative Prana Vinyasa affiliate yoga teacher training with Delamay Devi and guest teacher Lisa Fitzpatrick

In this immersion, we will cultivate the root of Chandra Namaskar and explore meditative dancing warriors in a lunar flow as we learn how to skillfully lead lunar wave sequences. You will receive the transmission of lunar elemental namaskars as movement mediation along with lunar prana vinyasa sequences integrating mudrasanas (long holds with inner visualization).

  • Learn chandra namaskar with mantras and lunar dancing warriors with connecting vinyasas for all-levels of practice and energy.
  • The art of rejuvenation, restoration and lunar prana flow®.
  • Learn four primary lunar sequences to develop hip opening, forward bending, twists, backbending and inversions in a meditative flow.
  • Learn basic prana flow® self-massage flows with ayurvedic herbal healing oils, Thai massage techniques and sound healing Chakra chimes.
  • Focus on the hands on assist and energetic alignment for the lunar families of asanas.
  • Experience Lunar meditation, mudra and mantra for inner and outer renewal.
  • Focus on teaching meditation with poetic language to create a lunar bhava (feeling mind).
  • Receive a workbook of sequences and our favorite elemental music playlists.

You will also focus on learning basic prana flow self-massage for embodied knowledge of connective tissues, release of dense muscles, and awakening circulation of blood flow, lymph and prana flow. Everyday we will focus on the art of lunar hands on assist through self-massage and basic supportive flows from Ayurvedic Kalari-based massage which help lubricate and restore the inner and outer body.

Exchange / Location / Bookings
Starting from $1699 – depending on your choice of accommodation plus offsite options available. 
Contact hours: 
Location: Byron Bay, Australia

For bookings and full information visit the teacher training page.
The full training schedule will be sent 2 weeks prior to the training. Food and accommodation is included.

FEB '19: SPACE - Elemental Vinyasa Prana Vinyasa Yoga TT module, Noosa Australia


15 – 17 February 2019

Cultivate our connection to the space and the integration of our elemental body. Opens and strengthens your hips, hamstrings, side-waist, shoulders, core, and spine in this two-wave prana vinyasa sequence. Through the opening movement meditation, integration of bhumi, jala, agni, and hridaya namaskars with mantra, core cultivation, two wave combination of hip opening, arm balances, backbends, and standing asanas with core-activating pulsations, body and rhythmic vinyasas leading to the peak (utthita hasta padangusthasana + vaistasana) we will slowly and effectively embody the healing power of the elements.

Exchange / Location / Bookings
Contact hours: 
Location: Yoga Circle, Noosa

For bookings and full information visit the teacher training page.
The full training schedule will be sent 2 weeks prior to the training. Please note accommodation, travel and food is not included.


APR: MOVEMENT MEDICINE Yoga Retreat and optional TT, Ubud Bali

24 April – 1 May

Movement Is Medicine Yoga Retreat
Yoga, Dance & Embodiment with Delamay Devi

Immerse in the MYSTERY and MAGIC of Bali, a place where the sacred is EMBODIED daily through RITUAL and CEREMONY, where each moment is a DEEP and PERSONAL adventure. Join Delamay Devi and special guests for what promises to be a LIFE CHANGING and transformative week in the LUSH and unforgettable LANDSCAPE of Bali!

Join us for a week long cultural immersion living the breathing life the Balinese way with the option of depending your practice with an optional teacher training.

Exchange / Location / Bookings
For full details visit the Bali retreat page.




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