Everyday is an opportunity to start afresh, to have a dialogue with yourself, your spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, God, Goddess about your hopes, wishes, challenges and dreams for the future.

Harnessing the power and cyclic nature of the moon is very natural and has been practiced for centuries! This waxing and waning cycle of the moon is also mirrored within our breath cycle as we inhale and exhale, as the sun rises and sets and the full cycle of the year from summer right through to spring. There is a gradual build up before we reach the peaking light and a slow decent before we completely empty out into total darkness. This article on Thrive Global explains the lunar cycle in more detail.

I personally am a huge fan of aligning my work activities and projects with the cycle of the moon and have done for as long as I can remember. Perhaps this started when I was gifted an astrology book in my early teens. I sow seeds and plant intentions around the new moon and celebrate my accomplishments, release the old which is being illuminated during the full moon. When Mercury goes into retrogrades potentially causing technology complications and slows down communication, I use this 3 weeks to review what I am working on, step back and give breathing space to cultivate patience for the path ahead. Challenging yes when your retreat coincides with a Mercury Retrograde (like my 2018 Bali retreat) this bumpy ride is also an opportunity to learn new navigation skills and be creative with challenging times.

Having a daily practice of gratitude also enables me stay connected to the joy of the journey as I progress closer to living and breathing specific intentions out in the world. I personally am not a goal-orientated person; my spirit and work resonates at a higher frequency when utilising intentions and offerings as a means of sharing my work.

I can hear you thinking, what does this mean Delamay and how do you do this?

Being a highly kinaesthetic person I include this practice during my meditation, which generally happens, after my yoga practice. It may be five minutes, 20 minutes or longer. I am flexible with my time purely because watering my seed intentions with tension does not support their growth – it actually does the opposite!

This process comes so naturally to me but I’ll do my best to guide you through my inner state of awareness of what I do and how I do it.

To start with I get comfortable, I settle in and enjoy some deep breaths gathering my intentions. I clearly map them out; I speak to them in a welcoming way and really embrace them in their entirety. Most importantly, in the here and Now – This is incredibly important.

Then I take my time with each one and literally see the colours, smell the smells, walk around the location, hug the people, I feel the happiness in the air, I hear the conversations and witness the energetic flow of how the intention is delivered from the beginning to the end.

After each intention has been lived and experienced I simmer with this sensation, I breathe it in and I am grateful. This part of the meditation can get quite intense, to the point of actually having tears spring from my eyes and laughter escaping from my lips! So take your time with this, I encourage you to NOT skip over this part.

Each intention holds a different vibration and deserves time and attention. I treat them with the utmost respect and tend to them very lovingly.

While in this simmering stage I hand the control and this unfolding over to my spirit guides or any ascended Master/ God / Goddess who I resonate with and whom I feel has my best intentions in their heart. As each intention holds a different quality and vibration the way I offer this to my spirit guides differs. Sometimes they are in a glistening golden chalice, or nestled in with a basket of flowers and pretty gems or they could take the form of a glowing ball of Pure love. There has been times when I literally am standing or kneeling in front of an altar or in the front of temple gates where I hand my intentions over and see them dissipate into light as I am transported back to my mat. Other times it’s just me connecting to my breath and being grateful as I commune with what’s permeating in my heart.

Each day when I revisit this process it evolves and changes which I prefer. The whole experience is very visceral and spontaneously for me. I may write poetry, create affirmations, go deeper into ritual space or draw pictures. Regardless of what I do I can literally feel them vibrating in my cells as their spark ignites and propels me deeper into their individual life force.

In doing this process I can relax and know higher powers are at work, I know my intentions have been received and I am supported. Each day I revisit this crystal chalice or offering basket to consciously polish, refine, be excited about and envision each one happening, deeply knowing and trusting that they will come to Life when the timing is Ripe.

Trusting and not feeling anxious about ‘things’ not happening is a challenge which is why I revisit my intentions daily to ensure they are serving my higher purpose, in alignment with my dharma and that they still stoke my Heart Fire. I give myself permission to change this ritual, to be inspired by the process and not get caught up in the out come but to ultimately enjoy the journey and mystery of life!

If you would like to go deeper into this process reach out for a discovery call. I would also love to know your experience with this type of work and any other techniques you have used.

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