How to be of service and not take things personally when your ideas, dreams or intentions are not actualised. Own it. Be accountable, that is your power.

Magnetise your tribe. Sign up to receive my fail-safe steps to making a six-figure income. Grow your business confidently in the directions of your dreams. There are so many false promises and get rich quick schemes but for sensitive souls and empaths, we care deeply about our community and how our work affects them.

If you’re a teacher of some kind, a coach, facilitator, business owner or an entrepreneur I know you have checked out these false promises, fast tracked courses and seemingly successful guides to building your business. I know I have, and some I have received a few gems of wisdom from while others continue to spam my inbox filling it with unread mumbo jumbo about their next break through course. And yes I am unsubscribing slowly but the suckers seem to keep finding their way back.

Checking out podcasts to listen to the experts, reading self help books, committing to online courses and having a business coach are all great ways to grow but what happens if we don’t achieve our desired results? We have followed and invested in their guidance, implemented the steps, installed plug ins and boosted posts and actually notice a decline in sign ups or increase in unsubscribes or just not your desired out come. For some, this might be like water off a ducks back but for others it can be incredibly disheartening and disappointing. So how do we pick ourselves up, and keep going? How do we not give up and head in the opposite direction of our dreams? And how is it possible to maintain our integrity and self-respect while we’re feeling down and out about the pennies and cents, which are left, in our bank account? I have five simple words for you to spell out the solution.

Stop. Giving. Your. Power. Away.

~ Yes, you may be new to the game but the rules don’t state you have to play small.
~ Yes, you may not have the most up to date equipment, app or computer but you are a highly creative individual so make a start with what you have.
~ Yes, you may not have hundreds of thousands followers and lack confidence in being seen but don’t let that stop you from inspiring your immediate community.
~ Yes, you may be at a cross roads without a clue but don’t let that stop you from listening to your intuition, inner wisdom, voice of truth (which is generally your first impulse) because it truly knows the way.

Stop. Giving. Your. Power. Away.

Even when your numbers dwindle, you make a loss and you feel like giving up don’t immediately look outside of yourself and grab the first promise you see. First step is to stop, to pause and to step away. Give yourself a break, go for a long walk, dance naked under the moon light, watch a captivating drama and cry your tears dry, meditate, go into ritual or do something BUT think about how much you failed, lost or how stupid you feel. Ultimately give yourself space from the situation to clear your head and heart to freshen up your perspective.

Nobody likes the feeling of desperation or despair. Especially us sensitive souls, we pour so much of our heart and soul into our work and feel the rebound of rejection 1000 fold, which is when we make hasty decisions and bad judgements.

Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and receive all the luck, invitations and opportunities while others work hard and struggle constantly making small steps in the right direction. I learnt a long time ago to show up even if it means teaching small groups, which barely cover the rent but do it anyway because I am true to my word and trust that the right people will come, who are meant to receive my teachings. By showing up you also follow through with your plans and reaffirm to God/ Goddess/ Divine/ the powers that be that you are the real deal.

By not giving your power away you have the courage to fully own it. You learn to be a master of your time, you know the direction of your dreams and have the clarity to move forward and you believe in yourself 108% (most of the time).

It is totally fine to work with coaches, mentors and senior people in their field of work but I encourage you to not be woo’d by any ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Do your research be savvy with your hard earned cash and listen to your inner wisdom. If one way is not working for you, change it up, try and different tactic and really listen to the feedback regarding your work in the world.

Instead of giving away your power, give permission for this power to guide you, to help you navigate through the temptations, distractions, diversions and rose coloured tinted advertising promising you ultimate success. You, my love, are a source of untapped potential. I suggest working with others who match your vibe, who are authentic, conscious and truthful about their journey and who see you for who you truly are.

Once you fully align with your journey regardless of how easy or challenging it may be you’ll recognise the rhythm and flow and timing of how you grow. By reclaiming your power you will resent your current state of mind, you will feel a surge of positive self-esteem and you will start attracting like-minded clients/ students who resonate with your gifts and offerings.

Your power awaits you. Are you ready?

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