Does this year have a special significance to you?

Are there some events taking place in your life which you’re super hyped about but perhaps semi scared because of their potential impact and magnitude?

Will you be stepping outside of your comfort zone this year as you look the fire of transformation in the eyes and say yes to sharing a new (wiser) you?

Is this the year you shed any remaining layers of your former self and fully embrace the next decade of your life with appreciation, passion and dare I say it gusto?

Personally, I am turning 40 soon and can’t ignore the loud whisper in my heart which is singing a song for celebration and total acknowledgement and reverence for myself.

Age is just a number but it does mark the amount of cycles I have journeyed around the sun, how many years I have been living and breathing on this planet and potentially means I have X amount of experience under my belt so perhaps I should have you sh*t together by now! And if not that’s fine too. Turning 40 brings me a sense of ease, I have a finely tuned barometer that can spot pretentiousness a mile away and I actually feel at home in my skin because I have learned to love and accept myself more then I did in my 20’s.

Perhaps you yourself have spent the good part of the last 20 years following your heart and the tidal pull of each year so it’s a perfect time to pause a little, to reflect and to step into a place of luxury so you can meditate on the next cycle without any distractions or responsibility from the outside world. Or perhaps your children are young adults now who are busy creating a life of their own and are not so reliant on you anymore which means you are contemplating what to do with this extra time you have. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some well earned luxury? Book in a massage, spend time in nature, meet new people, get your nails done and finally read that book which has been collecting dust on your bedside table. 

The luxury part is important when you have a few decades of life experience, because by now you are no longer sleeping in dorm rooms when you travel plus you don’t really want to share a bathroom with just anyone and quite frankly the quietude of you’re own space is more valuable then being asked 10 questions by strangers who are half your age and don’t quite understand the need for a good nights sleep so you can rise early and possibly meditate before the day begins.

Throughout this year I am consciously gifting myself pivotal moments to listen deeply and meditate on turning 40 so when it comes in October I will be ready! Without getting caught up in societies beliefs and mindsets around this number I am trying to figure out what it all means to me. The first port of call for this exploration and inner listening (plus celebration) is in Bali this April for my annual Movement Medicine yoga retreat.

With its ritual rich surrounds and lush fertile landscapes it is the best place to nourish internally and externally. The volcanic soil and abundant wet season in Bali results in producing some of the most flavourful and mouth watering fruit and vegetables in the world! The chefs cooking for us each day use fresh produce from the market and are highly trained in eastern and western cuisines plus they take requests for your favourite dishes. Bali always makes my belly and taste buds happy which is also an important part of turning 40!

When I am walking around the streets of Ubud and see the daily offerings of flowers, incense and a sweet treat all neatly packed in a hand made banana leaf tray it reminds me to be grateful for the little things in life. When I witness the larger ceremonies this reminds me of the importance of celebrating with my wider community. When I go walking in the rice fields it reminds me of how much I adore nature and that spending time outside away from the hustle and bustle really recharges and resets my energy in a very different and profound way. With affordable massages, spa treatments and vegan ice cream it really has all the luxury items I look for when turning 40.

Bali is a perfect place to pull back the blinds on parts of yourself you have been avoiding. With her warm welcoming embrace Bali for me is like a Mama, from the moment I land to the moment I leave I feel held, i feel taken care of and I feel so honoured to be in her care.

Bali is my number one place where I feel comfortable enough to unpack the internal pressures I put on myself. During my time there it is easier for me to step into my power and make decisions with clarity, purpose and certainty. While on retreat we work individually and as a group to unravel the complexities and hesitations towards embracing your unique self through yoga, movement, chanting, meditation, visualisation and intention. Plus the water blessing ceremony and self care activities throughout the week add a very special flavour to being on retreat in beautiful Bali.

What does ‘stepping into your power’ mean exactly? Stepping into your power means you feel good about your decisions, you are fine about being seen and are able to relate and support others on this path without judgement or criticism. Your ‘power’ essentially is your ability to shine forth your unique magic and creativity knowing it may not resonate with all but you trust that the people who do resonate with you will be inspired by what they see and feel is within you. 

So if you are looking for a place to meet your power, to unpack your physical and spiritual self, to unplug from the daily grind, step away from routine, to pause with quietude and reflect before you really drop into this year with a clear conscious decision about moving forward then I am offering the last remaining luxurious bungalows at a VERY reasonable almost silly price just so you can come and experience THIS incredible week. 

If this resonates in anyway I would love to chat more about this special offer with you. The silly prices are not listed online so reach out today. What’s stopping you?

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