My interpretation and experience of this sacred embodiment practice goes into a deep listening sadhana that honours an inner calling beyond words, beyond the mundane and beyond the analytical mind.

Deep within our cellular wisdom is a pulse. A pulse of life that has been beating since the first contemplation of our existence, the spanda before the thought turned into shape and form, and the moment of opening and becoming during conception. Yes, while we were still a mere sparkle in the universe, meditating on existence and mergence to be birthed into this world. This pulse, this rhythm, this coming into being was the beginning of our individual Embodied Ritual.

It is a practice of remembering. A prayer of devotion to the source and a palpation into wholeness. We are a living, breathing, sacred vessel of spirit transformed into human form with a unbreakable and unshakeable bond to life beyond the veil. 

When we drop into this space of unification and recognition we have choices. Choices to adorn ourselves with gems, jewellery and fine threads. We have a choice to be naked, bare and true to how we were received when taking our first breath. We may naturally be loud, outlandish, dynamic and bright. We have the power to choose however we show up and be as a reflection of the unique journey we are on.

This conscious Ritual of Embodiment honours our spiritual selves as humans, living and breathing with the challenges of life, navigating through the chaos, the confusion, the crossroads and process of tending to our hearts desires. It doesn’t matter how you show up, its the actual physical presence of You that counts. It doesn’t matter about your physical strength and flexibility, it’s your actual self expression that matters. It doesn’t matter about the evolution and advancement of your spirit, its the actual path you have walked on to meet us in this Ritual space of initiation.

I see each moment as an opportunity to experience our individual Embodiment as a Ritual. We offer ourselves again and again into the mystery which lays ahead. We can blindly lead ourselves astray, ducking and avoiding the dark crevices of our souls karma or we can bravely step up, say yes to the wild dance and live courageously and be proud of the warrior scars which mark the timeline of your existence.

Embodied Ritual is a process of checking in through self enquiry and honest recognition of how your three major energy centres are reverberating. We start each day by asking:
~ What are the needs and instinctual desires of my earthy body?
~ How can I best warm and nourish the honey like nectar of my heart?
~ Where does my Universal God Goddess connection start and end and how can I best serve and strengthen the evolution of my spirit? 

We pause, we patiently wait and we let the answers flow organically like a meandering river or like a rising tidal wave. We utilise self enquiry as a map to carve out, compost and re define our choices and offerings each day. We use this time to have darshan with ourselves, knowing the collective is there too support, celebrate and guide each other along the way.

We use ceremonial tools, powerful amulets and traditional Balinese ancient prayer techniques to cleanse, purify and purge our mind, and spirit from attachments and low vibrational thought forms. Movement meditations, archetypal wisdom and somatic synching for aligning with the divine and becoming a vessel of clarity for self expression and self acceptance.  Pranic healing, Prana Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Trance Dance and Qi Gong for continued unraveling, massaging and softening of the ego as we are tested again and again by our inner critic. Plus reflective writing and collective sharing to awaken the inner landscape for daily Ritual, to initiate ourselves as powerful healers, movers and shakers and to empower our hidden abilities to shine bright beyond our measure of comprehension.

There are no expectations, no pre-requisites, no right or wrong answers. Only pure honestly, untainted responses and the poetry of you becoming a holder of your own sacred rites and Rituals through this vessel of being human. 

This experience is not a one size fits all, wham-bam ‘you’re in’ kind-of-a-thing. It is a practice of deep cellular recognition, past life preparation, translation of spirits language and a re learning of soulful songs calling to be of service to those who are ready to transmute, transform and to be turned on.

I now know this has been culminating for a LONG time and is etched in the palm leaves of future stories to come. It has been a re emergence of the sacred within my own practice, a full circle return to the evolution and illumination of my dharma and a truth seeking mission that is holding space for you to dive in with us. This is your invitation to be initiated into sacred ways of tuning in, listening deeply and acknowledging the alchemical divination of mind, body and spirit while in the activated lands of Bali. 

Each day we gather in circle to invoke, chant, move and dance, preparing our bodies for this daily Ritual through Embodiment, radical self care and movement alchemy. If this speaks to you and you’re heart is curious to know more visit the Bali retreat page and be one step closer to anchoring this alchemical divination into 2020.

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