Entering a brand new decade conjures up thoughts of new beginnings, opportunities to start over and wipe the slate clean.

Perhaps the last few years have been eventful and hectic for you. Now there is great excitement about entering a new decade. Can you feel it? 

Personally I feel like I am reliving turning 40 again with pangs of grief and anticipation but this time I know I am not alone. We are collectively stepping over a threshold into a brand new year leaving the old paradigm and stories behind.

According to numerology 2020 is a very spiritual year because 22 is a universal Master number. Having a duplicate of any single digit number amplifies the meaning making it a Master number such as 11, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77. This is not an invitation to just sit back and wait for everything to fall into your lap. It’s a time to put your hard work into action and co-create your own destiny. Things which no longer work are being brought to the surface to be deconstructed and rebuilt in a more sustainable way, this also includes your mindset and personal spiritual beliefs.

Number 4 energy (2020=2+2=4) encourages us to focus on how we organise our working lives. It gives us strength to pursue hopes and dreams and motivates a rise to the challenge and defeat any obstacles ahead with clarity, strength and honour. The last time we experienced a similar shift in awareness was in 2011 which is also a number 4 year (2+1+1=4). Take a moment and have a think back to what was present for you then. Are there any challenges you have over come or that are still part of your karmic story?

2020 holds the vibration of determination of the highest. Similar to the previous few years there will be high highs and low lows but in order to evolve, these challenges need to be overcome for your own personal growth and evolution.

2020 asks us to really look at the meaning and direction of life, it encourages us to utilise our gifts and talents for a better world. 2020 is asking us to use our individual wisdom in making decisions. So don’t be afraid to go after your hearts desires because all is aligned energetically for you to do so.

2020 is a wake-up call to live in peace and harmony. It asks us to uphold integrity no matter the cost. By cultivating personal integrity we are also reminded to remain honest and faithful to our community because trust is the glue that keeps us connected.

2020 will see more collaborations with a strong focus on relationships between two or more people, team work will flourish and we will be drawn to meet likeminded groups and individuals. It is a year of utmost devotion one that highlights dedication, commitment and responsibility. You may find yourself stepping up, diving in and rising up from the ashes to meet challenges head on more willingly then before.

It is not a year for hiding. Instead, it is a year for thriving on all levels. Over the past decade we have been building a foundation for this moment.

Here are some 22 key words and shadow work to be aware of. Carl Jung wrote that shadow work contains “everything of which a person is not fully conscious” so being aware of your shadow side doesn’t mean you’re a toxic or bad person, though the deep shadow work can make it feel that way! Being aware of both ends of the spectrum means we can aim for balance and harmony on all levels.

Key words: Visionary, inventive, dedicated, forward-thinking, potential, charismatic, creative, intuitive, practical, spiritual values, self-less service.

Shadow work: Controlling, workaholic, lazy, demanding, self-righteous, arrogant, inflexible, awkward, addictions, and rigid.

May your transition into this new paradigm be a graceful one. See you on the other side!

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