With the rise of this new way of living and breathing in the world where connecting online is the new normal I wanted to share more with you about my self-paced yoga teacher training that I’m currently running online with the hope of being in person from October onwards.

Diving deep into learning how to be a yoga teacher is a life long journey. I’ve been actively teaching yoga since 2007 and teaching embodiment practices since 1996 and at times still feel like a beginner!

Over the years I’ve completed many long and short training intensives. During this time I’ve really come to understand the value of longer trainings because of the time in between modules to integrate, practice and study at my own pace without feeling rushed to cram it all in during a 25 – 30 day intensive program. Then having the challenge of remembering it all when it comes to actually teaching! Phew!

25 – 30 day programs definitely serve a purpose but in the longer term and for the continuing development of your knowledge and skills, I believe that immersing yourself in modules over 6 – 12 – 18 months or more is the way moving forward. This may seem old school but there’s a really valid and good reason why students studied with teachers before embarking on their own journey. One of the reasons is to ensure that the student is in a good place to teach and the teacher is confidant in them too.

My teacher training is module based with 3 – 4 day intensives each month online via Zoom. Each module is recognised by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia and the hours can be registered as Continuing Professional Development hours and they can be collected over time to complete a 200/300/ 500hr training. The manual is sent in the post and we use the Zoom break out rooms for the practice labs and teaching sessions, which is when you get to refine your teaching skills and get to know the others in the training. We also have a private FB group where I offer monthly group mentorship calls and where you can say connect with the other yogis in the training.

Being a self-paced yoga training you can drop into a module at anytime without having to make a big financial commitment up front. Plus I offer payment plans for the individual module fees which makes it more financially viable and affordable for anyone wanting to invest in their future but don’t have the capital up front.

The groups are made up of grounded and like minded individuals from all over, some are already established teachers, while others are single mums or people who just love yoga and curious to know more. Even though the modules are online the feedback from the students has been that, even with so much distance between us the connection created online is just as powerful and real. Hearing this instantly made me realise that online trainings are really not that bad!

This is what Maria said after our previous online training: “Oh thank you for those 4 absolutely magical days! I am still on a high from it all and I feel I have been away with you, even though miles apart! Amazing women and amazing connection! Deeply grateful for Shiva’s wisdom and your beautiful teaching Delamay!”

I miss in person trainings SO much but incredibly grateful for the online platform to continue in supporting yoga teachers to grow and develop from the comfort of their own homes.

So during the modules we practice twice a day, a solar/ dynamic practice in the morning and a lunar / restorative practice in the evening. There’s breaks for breakfast and lunch plus group activities, discussions about intelligent sequencing, philosophy, holding space, the Prana Vinyasa methadology and so much more.

My style of hosting trainings is one that encourages group discussions, self-expression and being curious. I’m passionate about making these trainings all-inclusive and absolutely love learning from the group too!

The style of yoga that you learn is called Prana Vinyasa or Prana Flow yoga, which has been cultivated by Shiva Rea over 25+ years of study, teaching and practicing movement arts, Ayurveda, Tantra, Philosophy and Embodiment. My journey with Shiva started back in 2007 and I still assist and study with her today every chance I get.

I can still remember my first class with Shiva which left me feeling so Alive, dialled in and really at home in my body which felt like the first time in forever! Having this experience I followed my heart to find out more about this inspirational yogini and I’m so grateful to now be sharing her wisdom to my students through my affiliate yoga teacher training which is currently the only Prana Vinyasa affiliate yoga teacher training program in Australia.

So my self-paced trainings are open to all levels and practitioners of yoga. It is a Vinyasa expression of Yoga but please know not all Vinyasa styles of yoga are the same. The style itself depends on the linage and influence of the teachers teaching the class. Yes the Surya Namaskars are the same and the poses themselves but the way we sequence, how we articulate the alignment, what we’re influenced by and the intention behind the practices will vary from school to school and teacher to teacher.

Within the Prana Vinyasa linage we align with the seasons, the sacred junctures throughout the year like the full / new moon, solstices, sacred holidays and whats happening locally in our immediate community.

We work with the Mandala of Asanas – meaning different family of poses which relate to each other and are an evolutionary journey within themselves. We draw upon inspiration from the Elements by Embodying them and learning about the Vinyasa or cycle of each one. Within this Embodiment process we identify the quality, bhava or feeling state of each element and use this wisdom to go deeper into the essence of each element making it so enriching and inspiring. This mystical and practical journey will inform your understanding and deepen your relationship to yoga asana and the practice of yoga in a whole other way.

Movement meditation is our way of welcoming students onto their yoga mat and starting as a collective with breath initiated movement. Music is seen as the third teacher in the room after the breath and the instructions. We look to Ayurveda for creating longevity and vitality of our mind, body and spirit. And we learn about Kramas, which is different stages of poses so you’ll know how to include both beginners and advance students in your classes.

There is SO much more I’d love to share with you so feel free to reach out for a chat. Full details are also listed on the teacher training page of this website.

The in person modules will hopefully start happening again in my hometown of Byron Bay from October onwards. Depending on how things unfold over the next few months these in person modules may change to being online but lets see how things are closer to the time so keep in touch.

It would be an absolute joy to welcome you into our teacher training tribe!

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