These past 12 months have taught and shown me how easy it is to be caught up in the flow of life when it’s totally out of your control. I’m not a control freak by any means and a total fan of going with the flow, but this past year has felt like a tidal wave after tidal wave. No longer am I in a constant state of planning, scheduling and networking like before. The current state of the world has put a halt to the two constant and normal things in my life = work and travel. This ‘new normal’ hit me like a ton of bricks, sending me off into the atmosphere spinning at top speed without a drishti, a steady point to focus on.

I’ve been very fortunate to be home with friends and family during this global upheaval and for this I am so grateful. Home meaning the place I was born and raised, the place where my roots run deep and the place which is most familiar and nurturing for me, but not without its challenges.

My entire community and work is global so working online is not new to me. This is how I’ve been offering teachings, mentoring and supporting yoga teachers for over a decade. So when my work/ travel plans were cancelled I transferred as much as I could to Zoom and pushed on through, like so many of you.

The personal connection online felt just as potent and authentic as in person and I have absolutely loved seeing into peoples’ homes as they showed up online with pets laying on their mats during practice and having kids eating in the background during our meditation sessions. How special to continue to connect and share these trainings from my home to yours!

My Mars in Leo in my second house means I am innovative, very passionate and driven about my work. I am ambitious, self-driven and inspired to create, share and create some more all in the name of community which I absolutely love! Basically, I would find it very hard to be employed by anyone else.

There have been times during this past year when I’ve wanted to give up, throw in the towel, quit and run for the hills to camp out in a cave until all of this blows over. But it hasn’t been all bad. There have been times of long deep conversations with friends, deepening our connection even though physically we’re at opposite ends of the globe. I’ve been inspired to create online courses and support my global community during some of the hardest times they’ll ever endure and nourishing myself while doing so.

Like many of you, I’ve stripped back to the bare minimum and pondered what now. I’ve felt sadden by the way humanity treats each other and I’ve been so wrapped up in disbelief at how unconscious, unaware and disrespectful a majority of people in power are.

So where do we go when all feels lost? We use this as an opportunity to go in. Deep into ourselves, deeper than we have ever gone before. To that place inside of ourselves which pulsates with unadulterated wisdom, where the light within the dark crevasse of the soul shines a blindingly bright light, vibrating with the essence of our unique creative life force. And we wait, watch and listen for the subtle sounds, for the words we can comprehend to string a sentence together which only make sense to you.

The nervous system speaks many different languages as it communicates to different parts of the brain, body and other systems. During this past year or so we’ve all had our nervous systems held at ransom at some point, be it from lockdown, the impact of not able to hug a loved one goodbye or from spending too much time alone. We don’t know the long term effects of what this pandemic has on us yet, but we can ensure we counter this experience with a positive narrative sooner rather than later.

Knowing and feeling into all of this I was inspired to create a three-day online retreat for us as a collective to pause, receive and listen to the wisdom of your body and respond accordingly.

An online retreat means there’s no physical travel involved, no need to pack a suitcase or wait for permission to have the time off. You’ll receive a retreat booklet a few days before we gather which includes daily journal prompts, an introduction to our daily themes and practices to support your retreat time. We’ll be gathering for a few hours each day in my Zoom retreat sanctuary to enjoy a collection of Embodiment practices with self love gestures and rituals, astrology plus reflection time as we complete a full circle back to ourselves for renewal, a deep reset and recharge while listening to the subtle signs.

The beauty of the online space is that we have the ability to record our time together so if you can’t make a time/ date you’ll be able to enjoy the missed session at a time that suits.

For full details about this online retreat in May visit the virtual retreat page. I can’t wait to share this deep reset with you!

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