It’s taken me two years to realise I’ve been motivated by survival this whole time. When the pandemic hit and the borders closed I ploughed on through, I kept going and didn’t look back. I easily adjusted, I navigated effortlessly and I used all the tools that were available to me to continue to serve my community.

Working as a yoga teacher and mentor online and in person has been my soul livelihood for the past 15 years. I’ve traversed the world multiple times with this work, teaching in five star hotels and resorts, during conferences, streaming live to thousands of people, at festivals, in yurts and tipis, in village halls, backyards, on the beach and out in nature with only the sound of the waterfalls to orchestrate our movement practice.

The energy of survival is a strain on the nervous system. It burns from the inside out and it makes us believe that if we stop the world as we know it will crumble, which triggers hyper vigilance and adds more fuel to the desire to survive.

Back in November I celebrated the final module of an online yoga teacher training with an absolutely gorgeous bunch of yoginis and was looking forward to a month off over Christmas and the new year before diving in again. I was excited, relieved and Zoom exhausted.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, my inner fire was a mere glimmer of my former self. My inspiration had dried up, my enthusiasm was non-existent and my energy was very much turned inwards. Every time I’d think about creating my teacher training schedule for the year I’d hit a wall, my body would freeze up and my mind raced a million miles an hour. I began justifying why I was reacting in this way and questioning my purpose, my direction and my dharma. If I don’t teach what am I meant to do? What other qualifications do I have? Why would anyone want to hire me? All of this just added to the exhaustion and left me feeling even more drained, uninspired and exhausted.

When working and being of service in the wellness industry we often discount our own needs for the needs of others. It’s easy to think that 5 – 6 hours of sleep each night will be enough to survive when we go above and beyond for everyone all the time. As the cycle continues we begin to justify our increase of sugar and caffeine, thinking that our systems can handle it, and it can, BUT only if we return to equilibrium and pause often.

Time heals all and over time my focus shifted, my approach to work softened and I allowed myself to fully relax and lean into this newly found stillness. It may sound strange for a yoga teacher to finally “relax” but when you’re a self-sustaining individual who loves what you do, there’s no need to take time out to relax because the work itself is that rewarding… but we all have our breaking points.

I gave myself permission to get lost in books, to sleep and rest more than usual, to receive healing and to tend to my inner fire in different ways. My recovery and recalibration was starting from the inside.

As I was slowing down and pausing, I reflected on all the tools and techniques I’ve studied over the years. From yoga, Thai massage, movement therapy, meditation, mindfulness, somatic inquiry, the pillars of self-care, Ayurveda and more! My excitement returned as I drew upon the wisdom of these embodied therapies and gifted myself their medicine. Instantly I noticed a positive change and difference in my energy levels and patterns.

My daily yoga became more of a movement massage, my moisturising turned into oiling and my eating habits more intuitive and seasonal instead of habitual. I was finally responding in a positive way to my nervous system, my energy body and my physical self.

The subtle or big changes we make in our daily life make an impression or energetic imprint on our mind, body and soul. If we turn these changes into healthy habits we easily avoid dis-ease and vibrate closer to our optimal state of being.

It’s easy to take our own knowledge for granted hence I’m passionate about sharing more of my healing journey with you. This is why last month I launched a brand new CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course called Embodiment Practices for the Ayurveda Doshas and it starts this month!

During three separate modules one will experience three specific embodied practices for each dosha, Pitta, Vata and Kapha. These practices include yoga, movement meditation, self massage, somatic awareness and more. We’ll be exploring the different signs the body makes when out of balance and a variety of options available to return to a balanced state of being. Participants will receive a downloadable guide for each dosha with journaling prompts, self-regulating activities and other check-in tools. Plus being an online course there’s lifetime access, meaning one can return to the material at anytime.

If this speaks to you and your nervous system check out the course page for more details. No experience necessary and you’re welcome to drop into any module or join us for all three.

I’m so SO excited to be sharing this course with you in the hope to inspire positive change and new healthy sustainable habits as we continue to collectively navigate this changing world.

See you soon!

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