Winter makes me feel old, tight and sore. I’m not going to lie, I like the crisp mornings, feeling the winter sun on my skin (the summer sun is super harsh) and witnessing the earth go into hibernation mode. Winters here in Byron Bay are mild compared to many places but this is my 3rd Winter after following the sun for 11 years and I’m still not used to it.

I don’t like waking up feeling stiff and tight. After a warm drink I roll out my mat and it takes me about 20 minutes to soften and relax before I’m able to gift myself what I need.

I’ve been moving, dancing and practicing yoga for most of my life but during these winter months my daily practice feels more like daily maintenance. I’m naturally flexible and hyper mobile so it doesn’t take much for my body to find it’s range of motion and movement medicine… but these winter months make me humble for the tight, not so flexible bodies.

While navigating this daily maintenance of movement I notice how different pathways enhance and support my muscle memory and inform my somatic awareness.

Being a creative person I’ll naturally layer this with Ayurveda wisdom and open to the the archetypal expression of Shakti for guidance and inspiration.

Mah Saraswati expresses herself through me from my inner core to my outer limbs, moving in spirals, curves and wave like movements as her essence of flow frees my curious mind, fluid body and creative soul.

Sri Lakshmi pours through me like a cascading waterfall, softening any hard edges and sharp crevices, filling me with an abundant of possibilities and pathways of exploration through my embodied architecture.

Mah Durga stokes my inner fire, offering her prowess, courage and willpower to stay steady, be integral with this daily ritual and ground into my strength while blessing me with consistency and fierce dedication to this practice.

These three Goddesses are known as the Tridevi and are the foundation for my daily check in. Their guiding light make my practices a rich tapestry of deep insight, deepening my connection to self and enriching my dharma/ life’s path.

If this approach to embodying, practicing and living with your movement life force energy speaks to you, I’m offering an Embodiment Practices for the Tridevi course online which is open to all.

I’ll be sharing a variety of embodied rituals specific to each Devi, we’ll have discussions on Tantric philosophy and cosmology through the lens of Shakti and tap into our individual connection and expression of the Tridevi.

Each module is a 3-hour deep dive plus you’ll receive the recording to revisit the session as many times as you like.

? Saraswati module: 24 July
? Lakshmi module: 7 August
⚔️ Durga module: 21 August

You’re welcome to join us for a single module or dive into all three! There’s a special early bird discount if you sign up for all three modules before 17 July. Visit the course page for full information and feel free to email if you have any questions.

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