In my mind and life there is no difference. Both take shape and form in the body, both are breath initiated and breath driven and both are medicine for the mind, body and soul.

Both yoga and dance stem from rivers of embodiment, they are healers of mental health, physiologically their benefits are extremely similar and both are throughly enjoyed around the world.

So why do some prefer one over the other? Who knows the complexities of the human experience! Here’s my guesses… It could be the stereotype notion of not being flexible or coordinated enough. It maybe that one is more competitive than the other or perhaps it’s simply accessibility based on location and teacher.

In the past 20+ years I’ve transversed the world numerous times teaching, guiding, leading and sharing both practices in a training environment and workshop space, and every-single-time I can confidently say MANY people believe they cant dance and they can’t do yoga BUT they show up and what do you know…??? They CAN!

My personal opinion is if you can breathe, you can move and if you can move you can dance AND do yoga. It’s got nothing to do with having perfect alignment and good rhythm or being flexible, strong and coordinated. Yes, these things help and make it easier but the teachers job is to assist you on your journey of self discovery.

As we are gently transitioning from online to in person events, stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming soon!

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