There’s a bucket load of activity being illuminating during this alignment. Here’s a few self regulating tools and techniques to help harness, ground and navigate this cosmic time.

Make self care a priority
Feeling over worked, under pressure, stressed, stretched and overwhelmed? Do one act of kindness for yourself to help counter act the rising stress frequency to avoid adrenal burn out and fatigue.

Stop the rumination and shift into relaxation
Too much energy circulating in the head means you’re disconnected from your physical body. It’s time to shake it off, clear your mind and stop giving your energy away to things you can’t control. Dance, move and physically stretch to relax, ground and anchor into the earth! If you need guidance check out this guided movement meditation practice on my YouTube channel.

Unplug to recharge
Highly amplified and highly charged times call for ample time out in nature to reset, recalibrate and renew your entire being. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Go barefoot on the land, venture deep into the forest and bathe yourself in the healing power of nature.

Be with what is
Change and transformation can be challenging so Be patient with yourself. Celebrate and recognise the little wins, share your journey with close friends and remember, you can’t force a river to flow so try and enJoy the ride.

(Re)Treat yourself
The past 12-24-36 months have been HUGE! Time to treat yourself by booking a little holiday away which gives you something to look forward too. Join us in the lush lands of the Byron hinterland 23 – 28 February for a Breath Body Movement Medicine Yoga Retreat. To explore more visit the retreat page here.

Blessings on your journey 🙂

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