Sharing more about our personal lives away from the screen or work life seems to be a popular trending thing to do, so here you go folks 10 things you may not know about me!

1. I met my beloved at an eclipse Psy Trance festival in Ozora which is a tiny village in Hungary that harvests sunflowers. We were both working at a chai stall by day and dancing the night away until sunrise. May be it was fate or the magical energy of the eclipse, who knows but we’ve pretty much been together ever since.

2. I used to be part of an all girls hip hop crew called Buffalo B Girls. We were pretty hot (if I don’t say so myself!) and performed all over Australia, running workshops in rural indigenous communities. There’s not a lot of footage from these days so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

3. I can’t actually remember when I started to practice yoga. Growing up my friends mum used to teach on her verandah, I chose it as a sport during high school and it was part of my dance training. Yoga for me has always been there, an integral part of my community and was a very “normal” thing to do.

4. I studied Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) at Goldsmith Uni in London which I absolutely loved and it has informed my teaching of embodiment ever since. My love for dance and movement continues to light me up so I’m constantly researching and reading about this topic. During lockdown I signed up for a DMT course online which I’ll finish eventually!

5. I travelled all over India and south east Asia when I was 4-5 then again when I was 10 with my mum. Plus multiple times in my 20’s and 30’s. India and south east Asia taught me a lot about being calm in the face of chaos and to appreciate the pauses and spaces in-between the ups and downs of life.

6. I grew up off grid before it was coined as a “thing”. That’s right, composting toilet, solar power, rainwater and no tv or wifi. I was one of the weird kids at school who was shy, loved reading and had no idea about the latest tv shows, celebrities or fashion!

7. My teaching journey started in my early teens when I would assist my dance teacher by teaching the warm up routines to the younger kids. This felt like a really natural thing for me to do and I found it very easy and super fun. My sport or physical activity was always dance.

8. I got my noise pierced at 14 and haven’t taken it out since. I’ve had multiple piercings over the years and regardless of how many times I lost my nose stud, I still have it!

9. Even though I’ve got long legs I’m not a fan of running but I do enjoy swimming. I’ve always hated cross country running, relay races or any other competitive sport which involved using my legs but love being in the water and being physically active in other ways.

10. I don’t have a great sense of direction so don’t ask me to read a map, especially in a moving car because it makes me feel sick. I’m great at getting lost and have had the greatest adventures of arriving in a new place, getting lost and coming across the most amazing hidden gems which can’t be found on a map.

And that’s it. Oh and I’m a private person so sharing this was pretty big! Were you surprised?

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