Meet Delamay Devi

Delamay is passionate about sharing movement as medicine and yoga philosophy in synch with the natural cycles of existence.

Born and raised in Australia’s yoga mecca and lush surroundings of Byron Bay, northern NSW Australia. Delamay began her teaching journey in 1996 as a dance teacher and performance artist and since 2006 she’s been actively teaching yoga and sharing embodied practices around the globe. Delamay’s dance background provided her with a natural progression to teaching yoga with a curiosity to delve deeper into the rhythm of the breath, the flow of the body and the formlessness of meditation.

Delamay is a Senior Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher trainer (recognised by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia), mentor, writer and creatrix of Devi Designs. She is known internationally for her retreats and trainings that are fueled with inspiration and infectious enthusiasm.

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When Delamay’s not teaching, working with her mentees and designing jewellery and clothing she loves day dreaming about exotic places, getting lost in the grandeur of nature with her husband, or drinking tea whilst reading the latest cosmic astrology report.

Training & Certifications

Delamay has over 1000 hours of yoga training which includes a 1008 hour Prana Flow® certification. She regularly assists her inspirational teacher and friend on the path Shiva Rea, the Fire Keeper of Prana Flow® Energetic Vinyasa and is deeply honoured to be an affiliate yoga teacher trainer offering the Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher training modules in Australia, Bali and Europe throughout the year. Delamay is also a certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Crystal Dreaming™ Practitioner, Reiki Master and Pranic Healer.

Hosting Delamay

If you’re a studio owner or event organiser and looking to create some inspiring events in your community please get in touch! Delamay has a full range of themed workshops, master classes, CPD courses, teacher training intensives to suit all levels, abilities and needs.

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Media & Publications

As you might know from her blog, Delamay loves to write! So here are some of her articles published on a variety of printed and online platforms

Invigorating Vinyasa

Australian Yoga Life Magazine

This vinyasa sequence by Delamay energises the entire body, strengthens the shoulders, encourages core stability with playful inversions.

View sequence..

Evolutionary Vinyasa

Australian Yoga Life Magazine

This vinyasa sequence by Delamay integrates strengthening, cleansing and calming poses, encouraging a healthy body and clear mind.

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Practicing yoga while travelling

The Vinyasa of travel, on and off the mat. The first thing I notice when emerging from a plane and receiving my first breath of fresh air after being air born for 15 plus hours is the temperature.

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A nomad’s guide to non-attachment

Elephant Journal

There are so many possible experiences to have in one lifetime. From traveling to mysterious places to meeting equally mysterious people.

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Enriching Your World
Mala Spirit

A Sacred Japa Journey during our womens retreat in Bali. Gathering and meeting for the first time was such a joy, it meant the beginning of a beautiful week.

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Prana flowing through every cell
Barcelona Yoga Conference

Delamay Devi shares her insights on Prana Flow, Shiva Rea, movement, music and travel in an interview for the Barcelona Yoga Conference blog.

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The yoga of everyday breathing

Considering how relatively easy breath work is in terms of how much effort you have to put in to yield powerful results, there is surprisingly little teaching offered on this subject compared to…

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My Manduka mat

I have seen countless conversations, blog posts and have had students, teachers and friends ask, I need to buy a new Yoga mat, what do you think i should get? Without hesitation I reply, Manduka.

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