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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

Stepping into your power – is this your year?

Does this year have a special significance to you? Are there some events taking place in your life which you’re super hyped about but perhaps semi scared because of their potential impact and magnitude? Will you be stepping outside of your comfort zone this year as...

These five words changed my life

How to be of service and not take things personally when your ideas, dreams or intentions are not actualised. Own it. Be accountable, that is your power. Magnetise your tribe. Sign up to receive my fail-safe steps to making a six-figure income. Grow your business...

Harness the Power of Intention like a Yogi

Everyday is an opportunity to start afresh, to have a dialogue with yourself, your spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, God, Goddess about your hopes, wishes, challenges and dreams for the future. Harnessing the power and cyclic nature of the moon is very...

Where did the Love go? {Warning: Honesty post ahead}

Wanting to be seen, found, heard and recognised for the work we do is on everyones lips. Seeking to gain more followers to have a larger client base, grow your mailing list to connect with people a few times a month to sell your courses, products and latest treatments...

Refine your…. What?

Knowing what you are passionate about is one thing but knowing how to act and to put everything into place to make it happen is a whole other story! How often have you started working on a project then find yourself stuck and unable to progress due to lack of...

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The Struggle is Real {for the courageous amongst us}

Recently I saw a Facebook post which had an image of someone meditating and a quote saying ‘I meditate, burn candles, practice yoga and I still want to slap someone’.
 Believe it or not, this is true for many who practice and teach yoga, including myself. I am not one...

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Some Things You Just Can’t Ignore

Like the loud voice in your head telling you it's time. Similar to when your belly has butterflies and doing somersaults. Just like when you have a prickle in your foot, a stone in your shoe, a flash of inspiration or when your dreams filter out into reality. These...

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How To Sit With Yourself

Sitting with yourself is hard work! We can be our own worst enemy or best friend. Not many of us spend good quality time with ourselves. With so many distractions and things to do we are in a constant state of living from the neck up and can easily over look what...

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The Accidental Yoga Teacher

Never in my life could I have imagined I would be doing what I am doing now. Traveling the world teaching yoga, offering trainings, hosting retreats and supporting people on their path to vitality and living their truth out in the world. Dance was my life from a young...

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Mama Bali, Why Is She The Mother?

The island of Bali is unique in so many ways, from the vast open green landscapes of rice fields to the barren active volcanoes, beautiful white and black sandy beaches, the rich culture that is witnessed daily and of course the people. The general pace of life is...

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The Art Of Doing Nothing

I challenge you to stop, take a seat, put your feet up and do nothing. See how long you last until your fingers start to fidget, your toes start tapping and your mind drives you crazy. How soon does your attention get pulled away into the abyss of things to do and the...

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Tips For Intention Setting During Powerful Times

Write, write and write some more: Simple, easy and totally effective! Writing is an automatic way to acknowledge what the mind is saying and get straight to the source of your intentions. I am not talking about the editing and perfecting process of writing, I am...

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The Day In The Life Of A Yogi On Retreat

The haze of travel is gently dissolving as you wait for your bag in the airport, looking around you see many faces which are vaguely familiar after being on the same plane for many hours. You wonder if any of them will be at the retreat too… Venturing through the...

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