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Further your teaching skills on & off the mat with Delamay Devi

If you’re a yoga teacher looking for a continuing education beyond your training that inspires learning while deepening your knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of teaching yoga then you’ve come to the right place! 

Upgrade your current skills & expertise in a bespoke & unique way.

Expand your teaching repertoire & inspire your students.

Study & learn together from home at your own pace & time.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

How to create themed yoga practices for your students

During this course Delamay will be sharing with you an easy to follow formula to create themed yoga practices to support, inspire and enhance your students’ yoga experience and development. 

CPD hours: 12
Next course: TBA 
Suitable for all 200hr/ 500hr certified Yoga Teachers.

Course overview

  • Learn how to create themed yoga practices for your students and their specific needs.
  • Utilise the different tools and techniques from your training to further deepen their embodiment and healing journey.
  • Learn how to identify which mudras, mantras and yoga poses will enhance the Bhav (feeling state) of your theme.
  • Develop a clear understanding of what intelligent sequencing is and how to refine your exisiting class for longevity and sustainability.
  • Learn how to include practical and energetic anatomy with yoga philosophy, creating a rich, diverse and inspiring flow.
  • Utilise all aspects of your previous training and experience to really anchor your theme for the best intention for your students.
  • Learn the power of witnessing and reading the room as you start to share your newly themed practices.
  • Receive honest feedback and advice on your ideas, practice outline and final assessment.

This course is registered with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia, and gives you 12 hours of continued professional development.

Date & Time

Contact Delamay if you have any questions.

During this course you’ll receive:

  • An easy to follow formula to create themed practices that support your students path and meets their needs and abilities.
  • Honest, constructive and proactive feedback on your hOMework to assist in your personal growth and development as a teacher.
  • Varied delivery techniques to suit all learning styles including practical application, visual demonstrations and self paced exploration.
  • A certificate of attendance recognised by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia providing all hOMework is completed by the due date.
  • A work book, three specific themed yoga practices plus an online Moon circle on the 21st June with Delamay for you to learn from and be inspired by for your own creation.
  • Life time access to the course material and practice videos for you to return to at anytime.
  • Group activities within a supportive environment and individual research on and offline.
  • Honest feedback and advice on your ideas, practice theme material and outline plus your final assessment.

Welcome circle in Bali yoga retreatTBA

A workbook will be emailed to you a few days before the course starts. During week one you will be introduced to the concept and formula in creating specifically themed practices for your students.

Themed yoga practice with Delamay.
Discussion about the practice as a group.
Q+A quiz and brainstorming in pairs.
Feedback and sharing Q+A answers
Wrap up and homework in preparation for Wk 2: Intergration.



Beginning to plan your themed practice based on the specific tools and techniques you know to enhance and speak through your chosen theme for the benefit of your students. We’ll also look at how to sequence in an intelligent way that holds an intentional space for your students throughout the practice.

Themed yoga practice with Delamay.
Discussion about the practice as a group.
Q+A quiz and brainstorming in pairs.
Feedback and sharing A+Q answers.
Wrap up and homework in preparation for Wk 3: Completion.


Delamay Devi Yes!TBA

Finalising the learning and clarification process in creating themed practices for your students. In week three you’ll be on your way to creating a themed practice and sharing it with the group as part of your final assessment! You’ll receive a copy of all the themed yoga practces with Delamay with your certificate of completion.

Themed yoga practice with Delamay.
Discussion about the practice as a group.
Q+A quiz and final preparations for your assessment.
Collective presentations showcasing an outline of your themed practice*.
Closing circle.

*Your individual full themed practice outline needs to be emailed to Delamay by XXX for a final review.

What is a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course & why should I sign up?

Think of a CPD course as an investment in yourself and business, an opportunity to further develop your skills and knowledge while keeping your skills up to date and relevant for the best intentions of your students. As a yoga teacher it is necessary to continually update your experience of yoga in the same way as any profession. If you are a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance or Yoga Australia they have certain guidelines for their members  to meet such as completing a minimum of 10 – 12 CPD training hours each year.

Payment & Registration

To register for the course please complete this registration form and choose your payment preference below.
To activate a payment plan your first deposit of $100 is due now and the remaining balance of $199 is due X. 

Total price: $299 secures your place now.

Payment plan
First deposit: $100 Remaining balance of $199 due by X.

CPD Course Agreement & Cancellation Policy

No one signs up to a course with the intention of cancelling but along with the unpredictability of life we can never know what is around the corner. Upon committing to these courses please know I (Delamay) am also whole heartedly committed to you! Like everything in life, what you put into theses programs is exactly what you receive from it. When you come with an open mind and willingness to do the work, magic can happen! By signing up to a course you are also confirming you have read and understood this agreement and agree to all the points listed here. Times and dates of calls will be confirmed at the beginning of each course and will vary to suit different time zones. You will receive a copy of the practices with your certificate of attendance providing your attendance has been 100% throughout and completed the final assessment. Due to the intimate group setting and bespoke material shared there are no refunds for these CPD courses. The payment can not be transferred to another course, program, training or event with Delamay. If you are opting for the payment plan this is due at the agreed time date each month without delay. No course material will be sent to you without payment. Any questions regarding the above please contact

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