Movement is Medicine

Embodied Ritual
Radical Self Care
Movement Alchemy

A Sacred & Luxurious Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali ~ 12 – 18 September 2020


If your wanderlust dancing heart is longing to create your own energetic imprint in synch with your soul’s calling and to become a living vessel of purification through sacred ceremony, Prana Vinyasa yoga and transformative movement meditation, then join Delamay Devi and special guests for a week in mystical Bali.


12 – 18 September
Ubud, Bali

Answer the desire for sacred activation at the core of your being. Times are changing fast and it’s hard to keep up, which is why it’s so vital to create space in your life to unplug, revivify and ground yourself, so you can live life fully with a renewed inner verve and kindred spirit support from a like-minded movement loving tribe.

Through our daily embodied ritual initiations, purification ceremonies and ample time resting in your sanctuary you’ll easily crack the self care code for long lasting change on your soul’s healing journey back to your essential self, facilitating a shift in vibration so you can move through life with effortless ease and a graceful strength.

Ubud translates as Medicine making it perfect for our week dedicated to radical self-care supported by Prana Vinyasa yoga, sunrise qi gong and movement meditation, as you learn to prescribe yourself the ultimate movement medicine daily. For centuries people have been magnetically drawn to the healing vortex of Ubud, traveling from all over the world seeking out potions and lotions from doctors, blessings and healings from Priests and ancient knowledge from Wise Women.

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to step into a sanctified yoga, movement and meditation practice each day that is in alignment with the elements, moon cycles and seasons and meets your level of yoga regardless if you’re a beginner or a long time practitioner, leaving you feeling tuned in and unapologetic about your embodiment?

How great would it be to block off this week in your calendar for some precious me time so you can embark on a transformational healing journey supported by daily movement practices and a pampering package leaving you with a spring in your step, a glow on your cheeks and a deep sense of renewal and embodied satisfaction?

Isn’t it time to escape the mundane and follow your inner calling of self discovery to enrich, inform and fall in love with the mystery of life again after a challenging and hectic year that has left you feeling disconnected and frazzled around the edges? Yes, we’ve all been there and welcoming this much needed return to self.

Don’t you feel ready to dust off your dancing shoes, sprinkle on some glitter and let the rhythmic base beat take you on a journey into the ecstatic parts of yourself that thrives on the dance floor in a safe space of self expression, self exploration and self acceptance? The realm of free form movement invites you to embody your flow.

Our Sanctuary

The Retreat Centre


 You’ll find us in between heaven and earth, surrounded by fruit trees, deliciously perfumed plants and nestled in the ricefields. This dreamy sanctuary is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud where everything waits for you to fully let go.


 Our staff understand the importance of rejuvenation, relaxation and quietude, which is experienced in the atmosphere around the pool and extends out into the expansive grounds of our private peaceful oasis.

Your requests are met with a welcoming smile as you press the call button to order another fresh coconut and turmeric shot while you continue your heart to heart conversation with your new friends about your latest realisation from this mornings practice.

Bali is known as the island of the Gods and with it’s lush green fertile landscape you’ll understand why in an instant. The abundant rolling rice fields, the activated volcanoes and mountains disappearing into the clouds, the black sand beaches, majestic waterfalls and jaw dropping sunrise and sunsets easily transport you back to the heart of nature and yourself.

It is the rare ability to retain a deep ancestral history while forgiving of contemporary demands that provide Ubud with the rightful passage to call itself Bali’s beating heart.

Throw in dense, tropical green canopies, teeming with the jungle’s enchanting chorus, and fairytale views that just go on for days, and you have a vision of paradise on earth that nowhere else can quite provide.

Bali’s rich and diverse history of sacred ceremony and deep mystic spiritual beliefs have attracted the attention of thousands over the years. This is your chance to experience all the stories about rituals, processions, offerings and water purification and cleansing ceremonies for yourself.

This ancient culture is open, relaxed and welcomes all with an open heart and loving smile.

We believe in awakening your natural powers of transformation through our daily yoga and movement practices, ample downtime for integration as we live and breathe together in these sacred lands. Bali will set your wild spirit free to be nourished by nature and receive a welcome surge of creativity connecting you to your authentic life purpose.

The ethically crafted yoga shala will be our meeting place for yoga, movement and meditation practices.


Here you’ll easily disappear beneath the tall thatched roof surrounded by lush jungle and get lost in the gentle sounds of natural running streams. The yoga shala comes fully equipped with everything you need so there is no need to pack a mat or lug your props with you, just roll out of bed for our sunrise qi gong followed by the yoga, movement and meditation classes and we’ll take care of the rest!


Your body, mind and spirit has been searching for this exact experience. Our daily yoga and movement practices will nutrify your body, the  sunrise qi gong will clarify your mind and being in Mama Bali will fortify your spirit.

Prepare Yourself For Taste Explosions

The Cuisine


Tantalize your taste buds with our globally influenced cuisines. From the fresh and abundant breakfast and fruit juice to your favorite Indo-Asian dishes, our menu is plentiful and bursting with flavor. Locally sourced ingredients prepared with the creative flair of our international chef – a unique dining experience.


Let us nourish and indulge you the healthy way with our zesty, flavorful plant-based and nutrient-rich cuisines. Designed to cater to all dietary requirements, you can find gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and vegan options on our menu for any meal. Tasty and fresh, the ingredients are locally and organically produced to ensure that they remain rich with nutrients minus the toxic pesticides.

Brunch and dinner is included in your retreat package plus tea and cake in the afternoon so we are positive you won’t go hungry! Our onsite restaurant is open all day ready to take your order outside of these meal times. You can order direct from the à la carte menu or venture into Ubud on the free shuttle with a comprehensive list of our favorite places to eat!

Bali’s fertile soil really does produce some of the most exquisite, drool worthy tropical fruits and vegetables you will ever taste! Each day we’ll feast on a rainbow of highly nutritious and incredibly delicious meals leaving you feeling vital and alive. Do you have special dietry requirements? Just let us know upon registration and our chefs will prepare accordingly.

A variety of beverages, including hot and cold drinks, purified water, fresh fruit juice, coconut water and tonic shots are available throughout the day for the all-important hydration your body always needs. Plus in your room there is fresh filtered water and kettle to make tea and coffee to consume at your leisure.

Mama Bali’s Gifts To You

 Setting you up for health & vitality


Easily crack the self care code for long lasting change on your soul’s healing journey back to your essential self, facilitating a shift in vibration so you can move through life with effortless ease and a graceful strength.

Our daily yoga, movement and meditation practices meet you where you’re at regardless if you’re a beginner or a long time practitioner, leaving you feeling tuned in and unapologetic about your embodiment.

Revivify and ground yourself into these activated volcanic lands so you can live life fully with a renewed inner verve and kindred spirit support from a likeminded movement loving tribe.

Bali is known as the Heart Chakra of the world and will set your wild spirit free to be nourished by nature and receive a welcome surge of creativity connecting you to your authentic life purpose.

We come as strangers and leave as friends. There is a magical element to each Bali retreat in that the meeting of like-minded souls creates a bond that strengthens far beyond the time we spend together. Friends return again and again to drink deep not only from the magical healing qualities of Bali but from the deep bonds of friendship that have been created through our special retreat environment.

Pampering Package

A retreat in Bali would not be complete without a pampering package!

Our’s includes a blissful two hours in the onsite wellness spa to enjoy a range of holistic therapies, Ayurveda treatments and ancient healing techniques.

All treatments use natural organic oils and lotions with aromatherapy properties that encourage you to renew, revitalise and invigorate your senses.

Be prepared to glisten! Bali is rich with moisture, so enjoy the tropical heat as it gently frees any tension from travel making it a perfect environment to deepen your yoga, movement and embodiment practices. Your skin will feel cleansed and shine from within. Let your body detox in this very gentle and healing way.

You so deserve this! We all know how hard it is to put ourselves first. Now is the time to give back to yourself. To live your dream and let others take care of you and nurture you. This is what ‘retreating’ is all about. True ME time. Your family and friends will definitely manage without you for a week!

Balinese Potions & Lotions

Learn to make traditional balms & healing tonics

Traditional Balinese herbal medicine is common knowledge within the culture today. It is passed on from generation to generation within the household while maintaining its potency and popularity – yiedling amazing results in the young and old.

Learn how to make fresh Turmeric juice (Jamu) with Turmeric root, galangal root, ginger and *secret ingredients* which makes for a powerful concoction and is packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and healing compounds. This delicious golden root juice is a healing elixir for the whole body and can be consumed hot or cold. The Balinese use this home remedy to treat colds, flus, menstrual cramps, viruses, stomach upsets and more!

Boreh is a Balinese ancestral warming bodyscrub/ balm. It is used to increase the blood circulation and ease any aches or pains, and is used by all ages across Bali. This recipe uses centuries-old herbs and spices such as *secret ingredients* found in most kitchens, but if you’re missing any of them, here is a good excuse to pick them up while in Bali to take home and share with your loved ones.

Our Lush Oasis

 Retreat Location



This retreat will awaken the divinity within you. You will be immersed in a safe and peaceful haven where butterflies, ethnic yet modern decor and greenery mingle around traditional Javanese huts to ensure you leave with a plethora of memories.

All accommodation is a vision of paradise on earth with fairytale views that go on for days…

Why not share this lush yoga retreat experience with your partner or best friend? Or even better, just spoil yourself and truly indulge in the dream of this jungle escape close to Ubud, the beating heart of Bali.

All accommodation includes

Total privacy and quietude for you to relax deeply, super comfortable pillows to really sink into luxury, mosquito nets making you feel like royalty, fresh drinking water plus tea and coffee making facilities in your room, dressing gowns and slippers for all guests to feel right at home, plus a concierge for all your personal needs which is just a phone call away. Wifi is available throughout the grounds so you can check into reality if need be and we have a free shuttle service to and from Ubud if you feel like venturing into town.

We have a fine selection of accommodation for you to choose from to suit all budgets. All our rooms and bungalows come with King size beds and can easily be transformed into twin beds.

Superior / Deluxe Room

In the middle of lush greenery the superior deluxe rooms have a very enchanting view of the dreamy landscape inviting you to cocoon into your very own luxurious pod.  The bathrooms conisist of a sophisticated mixture of traditional materials with stone basins and big shower heads for that superstar experience!

Deluxe Bungalow

Spacious yet privately intimate, these Bungalows front onto our stunning tropical garden and can easily sleep up to three people. Each one features a living area, a dressing room, and an interior bathroom with twin vanity sinks—all clad in natural elements, yet provide you with present-day amenities.

Your Bali Retreat Package

What’s included



We have included a variety cultural ceremonies, water blessings and group activities with ample space for you to chill out in our lush hideaway.


What’s included


  • Six nights in a truly heavenly retreat oasis.
  • A luxurious bungalow of your choice with fairytale views.
  • Welcome drink and refreshing towel upon arrival.
  • A delicious vegetarian/ vegan brunch and dinner daily with fresh juices.
  • Radical self-care therapeutic treatments in the onsite wellness spa.
  • 13 two-hour Prana Vinyasa yoga / Dance / Movement sessions with Delamay.
  • Seven sunrise Qi Gong sessions with Aimo.
  • Shuttle bus transfers to and from Ubud daily.
  • A gorgeous infinity pool surrounded by cabanas, palm trees and rice fields.
  • Free wifi in most rooms and all communal areas.
  • Tea and cake served in the afternoon between 3pm – 5pm.
  • Filtered water plus tea and coffee making facilities in your room.
  • Private transfers to and from Denpasar airport.

Our retreat activities


  • Balinese offering making and welcoming ceremony.
  • Daily ritual to clarify intentions for the coming cycle.
  • Water cleansing and purification ceremony with a female Balinese Priestess.
  • Learn how to make Boreh, a Balinese ancestral body scrub to relieve tired muscles and any aches and pains.
  • Learn how to prepare and make Jamu, a local healing tonic from tumeric root and other anti inflammatory herbs for continued vitality.
  • A guided trek through the jungle and rice fields to Ubud, plus transport home.
  • A closing ceremony to seal in the transformation from our week together.
  • Optional Yoga Trance Dance Teacher Training.
  • Plus a comprehensive list of our favouite tours and activities you may wish to experience during your week.

What’s not included


  • Your airfare and extra travel expenses not listed here.
  • Any extra nights booked outside of the retreat dates.
  • Optional group lunch midweek at one of the many luscious vegetarian eateries in town.
  • Drinks and other items you may order from the menu outside of meal times.
  • Souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, extra taxis, laundry and tips for the staff.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.

Yoga Trance Dance Teacher Training

Learn to lead this internationally celebrate Movement Meditation created by Shiva Rea!

This immersion is for yogis who are interested in the interconnections of yoga & dance. Yoga Trance Dance®, created by Shiva Rea begins with Sahaja Prana Vinyasa yoga & unfolds into an exploration of free-form, breath driven movement to liberate one’s creative life force & cultivate embodied freedom!

This training coincides with this week and includes the AM and PM practices plus additional hours in the afternoon to work through a specific practice as a group, to expand and explore new movement pathways, to understand and unravel your own movement patterns and more.

These hours are recognised by Yoga Alliance and come with a manual to work through and take home.

Your Hosts

Delamay Devi

Bali is a place I return to throughout the year and absolutely LOVE creating a authentic Bali yoga retreat experience for you. I travel and teach extensively, following the sun offering transformational retreats and teacher trainings in many beautiful parts of the world. While spending time on Bali’s sacred soil I always look forward to the healing balm I receive there after a hectic travel schedule.

With a background in dance I have taught embodied practices since 1995 which has served as a tool for growth, insight and support for as long as I can remember. it was a natural progression into teaching yoga and to delve deeper into the rhythm of the breath, the flow of the body and the formlessness of meditation. I am honoured to be a a senior Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher and continue to assists and study with my inspirational teacher, friend and mentor Shiva Rea annually.

Born and raised in Byron Bay, I am a long time yogini, dancer, foodie, mentor and lover of culture and all things that sparkle! In my free time I design jewellery for my Goddess inspired Devi Designs collection, work 1:2:1 with yogis within my mentorship program and continue to manifest incredible retreat experiences for you.

Aimo Javier

A certified taichi and qigong instructor, Aimo’s journey with taichi began in the UK at the turn of the millenium. Originally he learned it to heal old injuries and know more about how the body and energy works. Since then he studied tai chi as a martial art in Malaysia through a traditional system of discipleship and is now also practising South East Asian combative arts. In the more recent years the focus of his practice has shifted to the meditative aspects of internal martial arts and how they help you become a more realised and conscious being. His teaching methods use both traditional and modern approaches to help increase somatic awareness, martial skill and energy development. You can expect a balanced mix of learning through practice and in-depth detail. Most importantly, Aimo likes to share how the methods found in internal martial arts can be translated to your daily life on a physical, energetic and philosophical level – leading to a more relaxed way of living and being.

Delamay and Aimo have travelled extensively to many beautiful parts of the world in the last twenty years. Bali has captured their hearts and they love to share this magical island by offering you a truly unique and authentic Bali experience.


Deposits / Payment / Registration Information




To join us, complete the registration form here and pay your deposit below making sure you have read our cancellation and payment policy.


To secure your place for this retreat we require a non refundable $500USD deposit. Once the deposit and form has been received we will reply to confirm your attendance and final balance. The total balance is due by 10 July 2020. For all deposits received after 10 July the balance is due 10 August 2020. For attendance after 10 August the balance is due ASAP to secure your place. Payment plans are also avaliable. Please Get in touch if you have any questions.

Early bird pricing until 25th July 

Superior / Deluxe Room $2099USD / $2799USD Twin share / Private
Deluxe Bungalow $2299USD / $2999USD Twin share / Private



Click below to pay a $500USD deposit.

Flight, Travel & Visa Info

You will need to fly to Denpasar airport and our driver will be waiting for you there. Check out Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Emirates and Virgin Airlines. You can either fly direct or into one of the major cities in South East Asia such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok and use a low cost airline (Airasia, Tiger Air, Lion Air) to fly to Bali. Check in is from 2pm 12 September and our welcome ceremony is at 6pm at the yoga shala.

Most nationalities coming to Bali receive a free Visa On Arrival if staying less then 30 days. If staying longer you will need to pay a fee. We highly recommend you check with your embassy for the most up to date and current information before traveling.

Cancellation & Payment Policy

It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy. By coming on this Bali yoga retreat you are assuming any travel risks and are releasing Delamay Devi Yoga from any liability that might arise from your negligence, carelessness or from your general participation in this retreat. No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur and we encourage you to purchase travel / cancellation insurance to cover any unfortunate eventualities. You are responsible for all your travel arrangements including obtaining up to date Visa information and ensuring your passport is up to date and valid for travel. Please note that this retreat has limited numbers so it allows for a more personable, intimate experience and our non-refundable cancellation policy is in place to ensure the highest quality of service and experience for all. Exceptions cannot be made for any reason, including weather, injury/ illness, or personal emergencies. No refunds for arriving late or leaving early is available. Deposits and final amounts are non-refundable. However, 50% of the deposit can be applied to another retreat with Delamay within the next 12 months. The final payment must be made 90 days before the retreat begins. If you sign up for the retreat within 90 days of the retreat starting full payment is required upon registration. Retreats are all inclusive of the details listed above unless otherwise stated. Any inquires about our policy can be directed to

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