Movement Is Medicine Yoga Retreat

With Delamay Devi and special guests in beautiful Ubud, Bali!

24 April – 1 May 2019

Immerse in the MYSTERY and MAGIC of Bali, a place where the sacred is EMBODIED daily through RITUAL and CEREMONY, where each moment is a DEEP and PERSONAL adventure. Join Delamay Devi and guests for her annual Bali Yoga Retreat which promises to be a LIFE CHANGING and transformative week in the LUSH and unforgettable LANDSCAPE of Bali!

Imagine yourself bathing in the sights, sounds and smells of a lush green oasis with like-minded souls and Adventurer yogis on the path. Meet yourself in a new way, tap into inner peace at the source and reignite your spirit. Experience the exotic at your doorstep with the rich aroma of ritual at every turn as the Balinese place flowers and fruits in homage to the Gods…

Walking through the fragrant gardens, the warm breeze cascading across your skin as you glide into the infinity swimming pool to cool down after the morning practice devoted to movement as medicine. Holding you in a process of deep embodiment including signature prana vinyasa yoga sequences, kriyas, movement meditations and self-enquiry through journaling

Reunite with yourself through daily self care and embodiment practices merging your breath and movement. Drinking in the sublime flow of what’s always been and always will be, your essential and authentic self.  Each day we will come together in our open air Shala complete with an altar lovingly created with frangipanis, marigolds and other native flora freshly gathered from the morning markets…

Ubud translates as “Medicine” and for centuries people have been magnetically drawn to this healing vortex, travelling to Ubud from all over Bali, seeking out medicine from doctors and blessings from priests.

Our Bali Retreat Yoga Oasis

You’ll find us in between heaven and earth, surrounded by fruit trees, deliciously perfumed plants and nestled in the rice fields. This dreamy retreat oasis is tucked away  from the hustle and bustle of Ubud where everything waits you to relax and let go…

A safe and peaceful yoga retreat haven where butterflies, ethnic statues and greenery mingle around wooden joglos…

Unplug and rejuvinate in the charming and lush atmosphere of the superior garden suites suitable for single or double occupancy. These suites are carefully crafted from recycled timber, antiques from Sumba and other island of Indonesia were used create unique interiors rich in character.

All our accommodation includes these creature comforts: AC, large private bathroom, king size bed or X2 single beds, expansive garden views, coffee and tea making facilities, mosquito nets, complimentary toiletries, bathrobes and concierge services .

The fine attention to detail with the over all design makes these modern style suites completely chic, luxurious and utterly divine.

All accommodation is a vision of paradise on earth with fairy tail views that go on for days… Why not share this lush yoga retreat experience with your partner or best friend? Or even better, just spoil yourself and truly indulge in the dream of this jungle escape close to Ubud, the beating heart of Bali.


Sensational! Rich! Rewarding! My soul sang with joy and is still reverberating from this deeply healing divine retreat. Threads of love, care and support were woven into each day creating a beautiful canvas to dance in. We started as strangers but came way with incredible new friendships and a whole new heart family.

Margot Porter, Australia

Rejuvenate your mind, body & soul


Along with the sunrise qi gong, twice daily yoga, in-house spa treatment and mouth watering food, you’ll also learn traditional and holistic ways of making natural balms and tonics.


We’ll make fresh Turmeric juice (Jamu) which is packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and healing compounds, this delicious golden root juice is a healing elixir for the whole body.


Plus Boreh, a Balinese ancestral warming herbal face and body scrub balm to increase the blood circulation and ease any aches and pains. This recipe is centuries-old using herbs and spices found in most kitchens but if you are missing one of them, here is a good excuse for you to get it while in Bali!

Suffused with the sacred, immersed in daily ritual and devotion Bali can’t help but inspire your soul and stir the senses.

Remember yourself, your inspiration and reverence. Be present with the stillness and ever alive healer within. Immersing yourself in the culture of Bali you’ll witness, learn and discover first hand from local teachers and healers. This is Mama Bali in all her glory, magical, spontaneous, creative and ALIVE.

If you’ve always wanted to experience the Real Bali, this yoga retreat is the culmination!

Bali is an exceptional island. The green rolling rice fields, the moonscape volcanoes, the pearl and black sand beaches, lush waterfalls and awe inspiring sunrise and sunsets take you back to the heart of nature.

Our home town, Ubud was discovered by an 8th century Buddhist Priest from Java, who after contemplating at the juncture of two rivers consigned the spot as holy and built a temple there which still stands today

Be prepared to glisten!

Bali is rich with moisture, Enjoy the heat as it gently frees your muscles during our daily practice. Your skin will feel cleansed and shine from within. Let your body detox in this very gentle and healing way.

As our Bali yoga retreat unfolds enjoy the daily aspects of Balinese culture; the streets flooded with ceremony, music and devotional chanting pervading the air.

Our retreat staff will greet you on arrival with a refreshing cool drink. Our goal is to nourish you from the moment you arrive. You’ll enjoy an onsite spa treatment to let go of any stress from your journey. Expect to feel fully rejuvenated so you can enjoy everything Bali has to offer.

Bali is an island that longs to be explored. Named the island of the Gods, its rice paddies, ancient water temples, sparkling beaches and active volcanoes beckon you to have a once in a life time experience.

A yoga retreat in Bali would not be complete without a water purification and blessing ceremony with Ibu Ida Resi, Bali’s only female Priestess…


The Cuisine


Our luxurious Bali retreat escape offers a range of culinary delights of European and Asian cuisines including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and raw options. The specially selected menu is all organic where possible and based on what was delivered from the local market that day!



A la carte menu highlights a colourful presentation of carefully selected dishes by local talent whom you can watch in the open display kitchen overlooking the green valley and swimming pool. Brunch and dinner is included in your package and outside of this you can order straight from the menu or you can venture into Ubud with our very comprehensive list of our all time favorite places to eat!

Bali’s fertile soil really does produce some of the most exquisite, drool worthy tropical fruits and vegetables you will ever taste. Our chef is highly trained in a diverse range of culinary delights and can easily cater for individual requests!

Each meal will consist of colourful fresh salads, lovingly prepared vegetables picked up from the local market that day with a selection of condiments, tempeh, tofu, rice, noodles, traditional Indonesian dishes and western style dishes if you are feeling the need for something more familiar. All meals will be vegetarian with vegan, gluten free and raw options available to suit all dietary choices.

There is always plenty to go round but make sure you leave room for the homemade cakes, healthy drink shots and four different juices to choose from. Brunch and dinner is included in your package, we have left lunch free for you to explore other culinary delights in and around Ubud. In your retreat information pack we also include a list of our top 10 favourite places to eat!

Regardless of your dietary requirements we are positive that at the end of each meal your belly completely satisfied!

Yoga, Movement & Meditation

All our practices are open to all levels. The morning sadhana is designed to wake and energise the body so you can enjoy your inner dynamism. The evening sadhana comforts you with restorative and meditative practices. Each practice will bring you to yourself and the discovery of how the body, breath and mind dance within you.

We start and end each day in movement ritual in the fully equipped open air yoga shala. Planting seed intentions, meditating, writing, breathing and moving as one.

The style of yoga we will be practicing is Prana Vinyasa Flow yoga cultivated by Delamay’s long time teacher, mentor and friend Shiva Rea. This fluid form of Vinyasa yoga has an emphasis on energetic alignment, embodiment and with the use of Kramas / different stages of asanas there is something for everyone. The pace flows beautifully from one pose to the next gently progressing towards a peak pose while maintaining mindfulness as we tune into the wisdom of the body.

Along with the daily yoga, movement and meditation practices Delamay will be offering an optional Movement Medicine Teacher Training module. This is a experiential exploration into Movement as a Medicinal practice with the 2019 theme Movement Ritual.

This teacher training is a rich journey into self-enquiry with a variety of kriyas and movement pathways opening us to the emotions and the flow of energy in our systems connected to the Elements, the Vayus and the Chakras plus loving hands on enhancements and a choreographed sequence to make your own during the week.

Movement is Medicine Teacher Training

We venture on a rich journey into Movement Ritual in relation to a variety of Archetypes. The Priestess, the Prostitute, the Goddess and the Medicine woman. Do you know which Archetype you are?

Each practice you will strengthen and refine your individual movement ritual practice following a set sequence and a variety of practices and activities from Dance Movement Therapy, Yoga Trance Dance, Somatic embodiment, Jungian psychology and Archetypal exploration.

This training includes
  • Identifying: Meet the Archetype you naturally gravitate to and her opposing opposite.
  • Uniting with the specific tools: Chakra and Element they use to communicate to the world around them.
  • Fluid organic movements: To purify and clear the energetic pathways to cultivate a natural state of continued balance and vitality.
  • Becoming attuned: To the ever changing flow state that is influenced by the Moon, the Sun and the Seasons.
  • The art of Surrender: Using the elements to guide us into experiencing the power of softness and letting go, to release mental, physical and emotional knots.
  • Movement Meditation: Crafting your own Kriyas and dynamic repetitive movements to enter a state of meditation.
  • Body language: Mirroring your opposite, freeing tightness, enhancing fluidity, melting into stillness and surrendering to freedom.

Delamay’s experience spans across 20+ years of teaching and studying Dance Movement Therapy, Prana Vinyasa Yoga, performing arts, somatic awareness, Thai massage and Archetypes. This training is suitable for Lovers of embodied practices. You will also receive a bespoke training manual, hours of Continuing Education towards your Yoga Alliance membership and a certificate of attendance upon completing the course work. The exchange for this unique training is only $300usd.

Your Bali Retreat Package Activities

This yoga retreat is all about immersing yourself in the rich and beautiful Balinese culture. We have included a variety cultural ceremonies and activities with ample space for you to chill out in our lush hideaway or explore the monkey forest, go hiking in the jungle, cycling down a volcano, try whitewater rafting, learn wood carving or shop until your hearts content!

Being blessed by the High Priestess Ida Resi is a sacred ritual that transports you to a timeless realm…

An atmosphere of calm and quietude ripples out as the ceremonial bell marks the beginning of this cleansing ritual within Ida Resi’s family compound. The water blessing ceremony begins. We stand before her, close enough to receive her instructions and hear her chanting as she pours crystal clear blessed water over us, becoming a vessel of releasing that which no longer serves us energetically, mentally and spiritually.

Ida Resi’s energy as a healer, the sacredness of the tradition and the deep spiritual history of Bali is a call for us to connect to the source of our own mystery and longing. Prepare to expect the unexpected. On past retreats we’ve had the honour of receiving a guided meditation and a sharing of her personal philosophy on what it means to be alive.

This energy exchange is potent, powerful and truly beyond the comprehension of the mind. You really must experience it to believe it!

This Bali Yoga retreat was one amazing experience for me in every way. Everything I read about the retreat months ahead was exactly how it was – every bit of it, the foods, the place, the outings, the practice and more. Delamay is a truly inspiring Yoga teacher who knows exactly how to motivate cleanse and nourish each one of us. She is caring, generous, supportive and beautiful. I left the retreat fully refreshed, recharged and cannot stop thinking what a beautiful journey with Delamay it was. I will definitely go to more of her retreats.

Shakunthala Burrell, UK

A heart opening & receptive transformation awaits you…

  • This is your time to absorb the gifts of one of the worlds most beloved islands. This is about you having time to restore, rest and rejuvenate.

  • Our aim is to nourish you on every level and to support you in experiencing a journey of transformation. Every aspect of this Bali yoga retreat is designed to enable this. Starting with the peaceful environment, healing and nourishing cuisine, the daily movement practices and therapeutic treatments and so much more.

  • You so deserve this! We all know how hard it is to put ourselves first. Now is the time to give back to yourself. To live your dream and let others take care of you and nurture you. This is what ‘retreating’ is all about. True ME time. Your family and friends will definitely manage without you for a week!

  • We come as strangers and leave as friends. There is a magical element to each Bali retreat in that the meeting of like-minded souls creates a bond that strengthens far beyond the time we spend together. Friends return again and again to drink deep not only from the magical healing qualities of Bali but from the deep bonds of friendship that have been created through our special retreat environment.

Your Bali yoga retreat package includes


  • Seven nights in a heavenly retreat oasis
  • Your own superior garden suite with fairy tail views
  • Welcome drink and refreshing towel upon arrival
  • Vegetarian/ vegan/ raw brunch and dinners daily
  • A pampering and therapeutic treatment in the onsite wellness spa
  • 13 two-hour Prana Vinyasa yoga / dance / movement sessions with Delamay
  • Shared shuttle bus ride to and from Ubud daily
  • A gorgeous infinity pool surrounded by cabanas, palm trees and rice fields
  • Free wifi in most rooms and all communal areas
  • Tea and cake served in the afternoon between 3pm – 5pm
  • Filtered water plus tea and coffee making facilities in your room
  • Transfers to and from Denpasar airport

Our activities

  • Balinese offering making workshop
  • Sunrise breath work with Aimo (Delamay’s partner) to energise your morning
  • Agni Hotra, a traditional Hindu Fire ceremony for new beginnings
  • Water cleansing, purification and darshan with Bali’s only female Water Priestess
  • Learn how to make ‘Boreh’ a Balinese ancestral warming herbal face and body scrub balm
  • Learn how to prepare ‘Jamu’ a local elixir from Tumeric root and deeply nourishing
  • Trek through the jungle and rice fields to Ubud
  • Optional Movement Medicine teacher training

What’s not included

  • Your airfare
  • Extra nights outside of our retreat dates
  • Lunch midweek as a group to taste other local cuisines
  • Drinks and other items you may order from the menu
  • Souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, extra taxis, laundry and tips for the staff
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Flight, Travel & Visa Info

You will need to fly to Denpasar airport and our driver will be waiting for you there. Check out Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Emirates and Virgin Airlines. You can either fly direct or into one of the major cities in South East Asia such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok and use a low cost airline (Airasia, Tiger Air, Lion Air) to fly to Bali. We are more then happy to help you find your perfect flight. Check in is from 2pm on the 24 April and our welcome ceremony is at 6pm at the yoga shala.

Most nationalities coming to Bali receive a free Visa On Arrival if staying less then 30 days. If staying longer you will need to pay a fee. We highly recommend you check with your embassy for the most up to date and current information before traveling.

About Delamay Devi

Bali is a place I return to throughout the year and absolutely LOVE creating a authentic Bali yoga retreat experience for you. I travel and teach extensively, following the sun offering transformational retreats and teacher trainings in many beautiful parts of the world. While spending time on Bali’s sacred soil I always look forward to the spontaneous healing I receive there after a hectic travel schedule.

With a background in dance I have taught embodied practices for over 20 years which has served as a tool for growth, insight and support for as long as I can remember. it was a natural progression into teaching yoga and to delve deeper into the rhythm of the breath, the flow of the body and the formlessness of meditation. I am honoured to be a a senior Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher and continue to assists and study with my inspirational teacher, friend and mentor Shiva Rea annually.

Born and raised in Byron Bay, I am a long time yogini, dancer, foodie, mentor and lover of culture and all things that sparkle! In my free time I design jewellery for my Goddess inspired Devi Designs collection, work 1:2:1 with yogis within my mentorship program and continue to manifest incredible retreat experiences for you.

“An amazing event to be a part of. Loved the yoga, the dance, the treatments, the food & I think it is the most nurtured I have ever felt in my life. Thank you! xxx”

Nicki Pearce, Australia


Deposits / Payment / Registration Information

Please read the cancellation and and payment policy below.

To join us for this retreat complete the registration form and pay your deposit below.

To secure your place for this retreat we require a non refundable $500USD registration deposit. Once the deposit and form has been received we will reply to confirm your attendance and final balance. The total balance is due by 24th January 2019. For all deposits received after 24th January 2019 the balance is due 24th February 2019. For deposits received after 24th February 2019 the balance is due no later then the 1st April 2019. Payment plans are also avaliable. Please Get in touch if you have any questions.

Pay the full amount and receive a $200 discount!

Superior garden suite $2199USD Twin sharing
Superior garden suite  $2799USD Private


Cancellation & Payment Policy

It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy. By coming on this Bali yoga retreat you are assuming any travel risks and are releasing Delamay Devi Yoga from any liability that might arise from your negligence, carelessness or from your general participation in this retreat. No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur and we encourage you to purchase travel / cancellation insurance to cover any unfortunate eventualities. You are responsible for all your travel arrangements including obtaining up to date Visa information and ensuring your passport is up to date and valid for travel. Please note that this retreat has limited numbers so it allows for a more personable, intimate experience and our non-refundable cancellation policy is in place to ensure the highest quality of service and experience for all. Exceptions cannot be made for any reason, including weather, injury/ illness, or personal emergencies. No refunds for arriving late or leaving early is available. Deposits and final amounts are non-refundable. However, 50% of the deposit can be applied to another retreat with Delamay within the next 12 months. The final payment must be made 90 days before the retreat begins. If you sign up for the retreat within 90 days of the retreat starting full payment is required upon registration. Retreats are all inclusive of the details listed above unless otherwise stated. Any inquires about our policy can be directed to

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