Refine Your Art Online Mentorship Program

Calling all embodiment teachers, wellness professionals & creative individuals

2020 is not a year for hiding. Instead, it is a year for thriving on all levels. Over the past decade we have been building a foundation for this moment. Can you feel it?

According to numerology 2020 is a very spiritual year because 22 is a universal Master number. Things which no longer work are being brought to the surface to be deconstructed and rebuilt in a more sustainable way, which also includes your mindset, personal spiritual beliefs and your work. 2020 is asking us to really look at the meaning and direction of our life, it encourages us to utilise our gifts and talents for a better world. 2020 is asking us to use our individual wisdom in making decisions.

So don’t be afraid to go after your heart’s desires because all is aligned energetically for you to do so!

Are you…

  • Seeking support and guidance to take your work to the next level of success in a sustainable and wholesome way?

  • Guided intuitively but often get stuck with the how, what, where and when of planning and executing of ideas from seed intention into reality?

  • Being called to share your medicine, wisdom, art, philosophy and teachings but not sure where to start or how to progress and up level?

  • Struggling with staying authentic and finding your tribe in a saturated wellness world overflowing with similar offerings as yours?

  • Feeling isolated without a mentor or coach who understands your language and business needs?

  • Empathetic and sensitive to what and when to post online because you feel overwhelmed and confused by it all?

Get ready to…

  • Establish a solid strategy to share your work with clarity, confidence and ease.

  • Create balance, continuity and financial abundance in 2020 and beyond.

  • Being more creatively productive with your working week.

  • Make a shift in the way you work so you are supported by the planetary energetics of each day.

  • Nurture an ongoing relationship with yourself and the world around you.

  • Connect with a global tribe of entrepreneurs like yourself.

  • Become the inspiring teacher/ artist / wellness professional you were born to be!

Working with me you will receive:

  • 12 weekly interactive group calls to work on developing, refining and bringing your business to life.

  • Three Q & A group sessions to discuss your current progress, challenges and current projects.

  • Three guided meditations to tap into specific archetype energies for enhancing your workflow, productivity and creativity.

  • A group session with a professional graphic and web designer who will go into the detail of branding and help your online presence represent you.

  • Three pre-recorded Prana Vinyasa yoga practices especially created for this program.

  • A Refine Your Art e-book per month that outlines the monthly theme with a detailed description of the related activities designed to support your work flow plus an accountability strategy to stay on track.

  • Ongoing support and accountability from Delamay and the other group members.

  • 25hr CPD points recognised by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia

  • A Refine Your Art Mala* and powerful mantra to work with daily.

  • A certificate of completion.

*Must register 2 weeks before to ensure these arrive in the post. If registered after 2 weeks we are not responsible for it arriving late.

Program Overview

During this specialised 3-month mentorship program with Delamay Devi you have the opportunity to take your ideas and projects to the next level of sacred success!

We will work online as a group and individually, with personalised advice and guidance for refining your ideas, becoming confident and crystal clear with your work, while sharing your presence online with pure authenticity and grace.

With a combination of interactive live group calls, advice from professionals, creative yoga practices, and powerful archetypal meditations to align with the best version of yourself, this program will support a positive growth and evolution of your business from the ground up. Each month we will be working with a specific theme to establish a firm foundation for your projects to flourish from. By following the planetary energies of the day we amplify our worktime productivity and learn how to navigate through the challenging times such as writers blocks, changes in social media algorithms, lacking self confidence and self belief and of course celebrate each others success!

Refinement & Clarity

  Set your heart and mind into motion. During the first month we fine-tune our intentions and get real about our projects.

Strategy & Planning

Establish your energetic blueprint. During our second month we transform our vision into reality with a solid action plan.

Offering & Sustainability

Offer your work to the world. During the third month we sustainably launch our projects with a long-term vision.

What others say…

“Delamay has been such a blessing to me, her wisdom, guidance, business knowledge, along side structure and accountability invited me deeper into my own creative visions to gain clarity and give birth to my intentions.”

Michelle Cross, Barbados

“The mentorship sessions were always full of wisdom that helped inspire my teaching and personal development, and an integral part of me building confidence, having perspective and to know “I’ve got this.”

Faith Johnstone, UK

“All my intentions have been met during the program. Moreover, I really like the closeness, love and acceptance from Delamay no matter if I progressed or not. I feel supported and this inspires me to move forward with my work.”

Lili Suke, Switzerland

“Delamay’s guidance is encouraging, intuitive and down to earth. Week to week I have been able to gain confidence with my teaching through integrating small changes and simple practices.”

Alison Auland, Australia



Like everything in life, what you put into it is exactly what you receive from it. When you come with an open mind and willingness to share and are committed to doing the work, magic can happen!

Benefits of working with Delamay on this program include the following.

  • Accountability with someone who speak the same body, mind and spirit language.

  • Growth in self confidence

  • Clarity of direction and work in the world

  • Increase visibility and online presence

  • Increase social media following

  • Grow your email and local network

  • Personalised and bespoke program with someone who understands the yoga and wellness industry

  • Increased sense of self empowerment and self worth

  • Increase income from doing what you love

  • Learning to live a purpose filled life

  • Increased productivity, motivation and inspiration from doing what brings you the most joy.

  • A closed circle of confidentiality with a group of like minded individuals.

  • Gain answers to long standing questions in relation to your practice, training and teaching path.

  • Tools for reversing the the repetitive negative spiral we sometimes get stuck in when teaching and expressing ourselves.

  • Support in finding alternative ways to present your authentic self in a world that is saturated with wellness teachers, transformational retreats and trainings.

Your inspirational guide & mentor Delamay Devi

Delamay began her teaching journey 20+ years ago and since then has been meeting the needs of her students, mentees and inspiring many who cross her path through workshops, retreats and trainings. She is a senior Prana Vinyasa Affiliate yoga teacher trainer (recognised by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia) and has been part of the Prana Flow mentoring program since 2008.

Having launched her own yoga mentorship program in 2011 Delamay has had the honour of witnessing the growth and evolution of a multitude of wellness professionals all over the world. She is highly intuitive, empathic and a visionary with the gift of seeing the glowing potential in all.

Delamay believes transformation and empowerment begins at a grass roots muladhara (base chakra) level and with our combined knowledge, wisdom and intention we can rise and thrive together doing what we love. We are living in highly amplified and unpredictable times with individuals turning to alternative medicines and more and more are seeking out ways to live in alignment with their dharma/ lives purpose. Gone are the days of struggle and competition, now is the time to support each other in a way that will pave a new pathway of working, relating and growing in a positive direction for our community and our planet.

When Delamay’s not teaching, working with her mentees and designing jewellery and clothing she loves day dreaming about exotic places to take her groups too, getting lost in the grandeur of nature with her husband, or drinking tea whilst reading the latest astrology report.

Ready to dive in & make 2020 the Best. Year. Ever!


Embodiment teachers: Actively teaching a minimum of 3 classes a week ongoing for the past 6 months or have been running ongoing workshops and retreats for a minimum of 1 year.

Passionate creatives: Actively pursuing your creative career through hosting and attending workshops, doing commissions and are driven to make an impact in the creative industry. Active involvement with your work for a  minimum of 2 years.

Wellness professionals: Giving ongoing treatments and consultations for a minimum of 1 year and have studied your modality for a minimum of 2 years before charging for your services.


  • Social media presence (Facebook page / dedicated Facebook group or instagram business account)
  • A desire to be clear, feel confident, and are passionate about really living and breathing your work out in the work for positive change.
  • The willingness to do the work required and share openly and honestly throughout the duration of the program.
  • Respect each others ideas and work by agreeing to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • 2 – 3 hours per week spare to complete the activities and homework outlined each week.
  • Can navigate around and use canva or another graphic program as a marketing tool.

Application information & investment

To see if this program is a good fit for you and your business complete this application form to book in a discovery call with Delamay. There are limited spots for this 3-month immersion so if you are called to really shine and thrive in 2020 dont delay in securing your place today!

Early Registration BONUS

Be one of the first three to sign up to this program in full and receive X3 1:2:1 1hr sessions with Delamay Devi valued at $450AUD. This includes follow up notes and bespoke action points, specific guidelines and crystal clear targets to work towards throughout the program. 

2020 Pricing

  • $1500AUD early registration before X.
  • X3 installments of $600AUD. First instalment is due asap to secure your place and the remaining two are due on the 4th and 8th week of the course.
  • X1 1:2:1 1hr refinement session with Delamay $110AUD – normally $150AUD.
  • $1800AUD regular price after X.

Before xx.xx.2020


After xx.xx.2020


Three monthly payments


(Normal price $150)

Yoga Mentorship Program Agreement & Cancellation Policy

No one signs up to a program with the intention of cancelling but along with the unpredictability of life we can never know what is around the corner. Upon committing to these programs please know I (Delamay) am also whole heartedly committed to you! Like everything in life, what you put into theses programs is exactly what you receive from it. When you come with an open mind and willingness to share and are open to do the work, magic can happen! I do not make any guarantees that your intentions, goals and dreams will manifest and come to life. I will openly share with you my wisdom based on 20+ years of experience of teaching, travelling extensively around the world and mentoring individuals in the wellness and yoga profession. This is not a counseling or coaching program but a mentorship program, a platform of support, inspiration and guidance. Please know you will be supported 100%, you will not be judged and you will be respected as the creative individual that you are. By signing up to a program you are also confirming you have read and understood this agreement and agree to all the points listed here and agree to honour the groups confidentiality agreement. This online 3 month program runs in-between the dates advertised with a 1-week wrap up post the end date advertised to support you and your working rhythm. Times and dates of calls will be confirmed each month and will vary to suit all time zones with the recordings available within 24hrs of the call taking place. For any last minute changes to our calls Delamay will aim to notify you within 24 hours and expects the same should you have a 1:2:1 booked, if not, then the call will be missed and go unused. Due to the intimate group setting and bespoke material shared there are no refunds for this 3 month online program. The payment can not be transferred to another program, training or event with Delamay. If you are opting for the payment plan this is due at the agreed time date each month without delay. No course material will be sent to you without payment. Any questions regarding the above please contact

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